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These notes are up-dated regularly and not completed / finalised until the day before the next meeting.

Notes for Division Annual General Meeting: January 25th 2007

[Previous meeting (November 2006)]


Suffolk Division NUT
Executive Committee (17:30 - 18:30)
and DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING (19:00 - 21:00)

Belstead Brook Hotel

Thursday January 25th 2007

Apologies already recorded: For EC only: Gary Gascoyne (parents' evening), Graham White (parents' evening).   For Council / Both: Glenys Shepherd (Executive meeting), Penny Cook (parents' evening), Kath More.


greenblob = Items for Executive Committee blue dot = Items for Division Council

Section A: National with National Executive Report

blue dot Report from Glenys Shepherd.

  1. blue dot A classroom Observation Protocol: Guidelines for NUT School Representatives. This attempts to write in to school policies the protections, safeguarding and good practice which is missing from the statutory provision agreed by the NASUWT, ATL, PAT, and ASCL.
  2. Executive News 129
  3. NUTNews 2, Jan 07, "Taking the Campaign Forward"
  4. blue dot NUT News 24: Tackling excessive and unnecessary workload
  5.   NUT members have responded positively to the Union's campaign for a better work/life balance and improved working conditions for all.  The ballot of members showed overwhelming majorities in support of the  workload guidelines and of seeking their application in individual schools.
    Question 1: Do you support the guidelines published by the NUT on removing unnecessary workload?
    Number voting YES . . . . . . . . . .40,892 (99.05%)
    Number voting NO . . . . . . . . . .. . . .394 (0.95%)

    Question 2: Would you be prepared to support a ballot for school based industrial action, without loss of pay, in order to address the problem of unnecessary workload where locally supported negotiations are unsuccessful?
    Number voting YES . . . . . . . . . . .35,797 (87.22%)
    Number voting NO . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5,243 (12.78%)

      Guidelines welcomed:  The Union’s workload guidelines have been widely welcomed in schools as
    the most concise compilation available of teachers’ conditions of
    service and policies on workload. They will be reviewed regularly with a
    fully updated version being published on the NUT’s website.
      Improving conditions in schools: In the spring term of 2007, the NUT will publish and distribute guidance  to NUT school representatives on the deployment of the workload guidelines and the procedures to seek support through industrial action
    where discussion, consultation and negotiation are unsuccessful. These will be local, in-school procedures which will vary from school to school according to the circumstances and the extent to which teachers’ concerns are being met.
      Improving education: The removal of excessive and unnecessary workload, the reduction in teachers’ working time and the achievement of a better work/life balance for teachers will benefit the profession. It will be good for teachers, their families and the children in our schools.
    NUT General Secretary, Steve Sinnott, said: "The ballot results fully support the NUT’s campaigns to improve teachers’ conditions and reduce workload.”
    Commenting on the announcement of a significant increase in spending on  schools by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Steve Sinnott, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said:
      "This is the best bit of news we have had since Labour came to power.   The Chancellor is to be congratulated. He has taken a significant step  to achieving his target of raising levels of spending in state schools  to those of private schools.

    The one third increase in capital spending for next year on schools recognises that the current improvements in buildings and equipment must  be sustained. We must keep our levels of spending in touch with those in  other industrialised countries and the challenge from India and China.

      The provision of free books to every primary age child and the  additional funding direct to schools to be spent as they feel
    appropriate will benefit every child in the country.
      The Chancellor has recognised the importance of small groups and one to one tuition in ensuring the highest achievement of our young people,  including those from the most deprived backgrounds. This move will help ensure he achieves his target of 90 per cent of adults achieving five GCSEs by 2020 and a major improvement in adult skills.
      The Union is a member of the campaign to end child poverty and this investment in a wider context will help achieve the target of halving child poverty by 2010."
      The Suffolk Division Secretary's comments to BBC Radio Suffolk were less effusive and pointed out that the money going direct to schools was starving local authorities of funds they need to deal with particular SEN difficulties, and to help schools which get into difficulties over standards. Secretary also pointed out that Suffolk was unable to continue to subsidise the Performing Arts and was preparing to shut down the Performing Arts Centres, because there is no leeway in the central budget for the elected councils to exercise any judgement about priorities.

    Circulars from HQ, etc:
  6. greenblob blue dot 07-015-M&C: NQA RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION CAMPAIGN 2006/07: NUT is not going to join the price war to attract NQTs but is publicising the benefits of NUT membership, including free copies of an NUT edition of Sue Cowley’s book, How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching and an offer on a second Sue Cowley book: " Getting the ‘*!#@*!@#’ to Behave". Local Associations are encouraged to use these in membership campaigns, to reimburse any NQT members who had already bought the book(s) and to buy a supply of Getting the ‘*!#@*!@#’ to Behave to give away to NQTs who sign a direct debit form. 
  7. 07-014-M&C - 2007 MEMBERSHIP REGULATIONS.  Full rate for 2007 is £135 plus £11.00 local association fee.
  8. 07-013-O&A - ANNUAL CONFERENCE – HARROGATE : EASTER 2007 PAYMENT OF CONFERENCE REPRESENTATIVES' TRAVEL EXPENSES.  Local Secretary's grant has been set at £90 per day for up to 5 days
  11. 07-010-H&S - CAPITAL FUNDING UPDATE: GOVERNMENT FUNDING FOR ENERGY AND WATER SAVING TECHNOLOGY IN SCHOOLS AND FOR AGEING PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN ENGLAND. Info on Hearth indicates how much Suffolk will get and how it will be spent. Suffolk not included in the "ageing Primary Schools" funding (£150m) which is going only to:  Barnet; Birmingham; Bradford; Cornwall; Darlington; Ealing; Essex; Hampshire; Hertfordshire; Kent; Knowsley; Manchester; Newham; North Tyneside; Nottingham City; Rotherham; Sheffield; Solihull; Somerset; Swindon; Torbay; Waltham Forest; and Wigan.
  12. 07-009-M&C LT - NUT QUIZ: A MODULE FOR LOCAL TRAINING: available on Hearth.
  13. greenblob 07-008-M&C - 2006/07 UNION MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AWARDS: Local associations are urged to send in their applications and nominations for the 2006/07 union membership development awards.  The deadline has been extended to Friday, 23 February 2007. Regional UMDA awards are presented to individual members who have made a significant contribution to membership recruitment or retention.
  14. blue dot 07-07-COS - WORKLOAD CAMPAIGN – THE NEXT STEPS. “Taking the Campaign Forward – A Guide for Associations and Divisions”.  This gives guidance to local officers as to how NUT school representatives and members generally can be supported in pursuing the campaign and addressing workload issues within their own schools. Also a letter to NUT Representatives about prioritising workload issues and the Reps' Checklist on workload issues.
  16. 07-005-O&A - TEMPORARY REGIONAL OFFICER POSITION : EASTERN REGION.  Alan Williams, Regional Officer in the Eastern Region is retiring from the Union’s service and arrangements are currently underway to fill the vacancy on a permanent basis.  In the period from now until the appointment is made and the successful applicant commences employment, applications would be welcomed from current or former local officers who have the necessary skills to perform the role of Regional Officer on a temporary cover basis.  Deadline 29 January 2007.
  17. 07-004-EEO - NUT CONFERENCE ON PLAY - TIME TO PLAY? Tuesday, 27 February 2007 at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London.
  18. 07-003-M&C - YOUNG TEACHERS' CONFERENCE: 2-4 MARCH 2007
  20. 07-001-H&S - PLANNING FOR A HUMAN INFLUENZA PANDEMIC: summarises the key points of the Government’s guidance to schools on planning for a possible flu pandemic; and sets out advice to divisions on key issues to clarify with local authority employers.
  22. blue dot 06-194-SUP - TEACHERS’ PENSION SCHEME – 1 JANUARY 2007: Some outstanding issues from the agreement in the Summer have been concluded. An updated summary of all the changes has been put on the Union’s website at:

    Minimum Period of Return:The agreement provided protection of future teaching service on a normal pension age of 60 subject to a minimum reasonable period of return within 5 years of leaving, or by 31 December 2007, whichever was the later.  That minimum period has been set at 60 days pensionable employment or 30 days reckonable service and is explained in the summary on the website.


    Salary on Which Pension is Calculated: The agreement provided for the better of the average salary in the last year, or the average of the best three consecutive years in the last ten years, re-valued in line with movements in the Retail Price Index to be used.  While that remains the position, for the first two years teachers will still be able to use the existing provision of the best in the last three years to avoid disadvantaging any teachers who had made their retirement plans on the existing basis.


    Phased and Flexible Retirement: Teachers who take this option have to reduce their pensionable salary by 25 per cent or more as previously indicated.  It has now been agreed that they can take up to 75 per cent of their accrued pension and lump sum, actuarially reduced, from age 55 under this option.  See the website for further information.


    Ill Health Retirement: Any applications for ill health retirement which are received by Teachers Pensions on or before 5 January 2007 will be dealt with under existing provisions including enhancement and appeals.  Any applications received after that date will be dealt under the new provisions.


    Buying In Additional Pension: Any current added years’ election that teachers have made, or make before 1 January 2007 will not count against the new £5,000 limit from 1 January 2007.  The £5,000 is additional continuing pension, but up to 25 per cent can be commuted to a tax free lump sum on the previously agreed 12 to 1 basis for a higher lump sum.

  24. blue dot 06-187-CCU - GREENER WORKPLACES: sources of information on greening your school / Association
    For details of supplies of Fair Trade products, please go to:
    For Water Coolers

    TUC Publication:‘A Guide to Greening the Workplace’ – available at:
    TUC Publication: First Steps to a Greener Workplace’ from

    TUC training for workplace representatives on sustainability and greener workplaces.
  25. 06-180-CCU - PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT/WORKLOAD:  CONSULTATIVE BALLOT OF MEMBERS: The Union is conducting a consultative ballot of members on performance management/workload. The ballot will open on Monday, 20 November and close at mid-day on Monday, 11 December.  All in-service members covered by the Pay & Conditions Document will be balloted.
    Section B: Regional  
  26. blue dot Kendra Deacon (Norfolk Association) and Emma Bennett (Southend Association)are running for election for the Young Teachers' Advisory Committee.  Local Associations are asked to support Kendra in her campaign to be one of the representatives for the Eastern Region. Kendra and Emma have been representatives for region 5 on the Ad Hoc Young Teachers group.  They would like to get elected and be able to continue the work they have done so far. They have produced a poster and seek support in publicising their bid to be elected.
  27. ERC AGM took place on 20th January. Regional report for Suffolk.
  28. blue dot Eastern Region Spring Term 2007 Report available at the meeting.

    Section C: Division
  29. blue dot On December 1st, The Policy Development Panel met with Trade Union Representatives to announce proposals to close Middle Schools and go for a 2-tier system throughout the County.  Draft (confidential) copies of the full report were circulated but only the details in the Press Release were cleared for public comment.  These included:
    to adopt a "preferred option" to move to a 2 tier system of primary schools covering the 4 -11 age range and secondary schools covering the 11-16 and 11-18 age range, subject to further consultation on proposals for its implementation on a phased basis in stage 2 of the review.
    "Ensure a single line of accountability" for each key stage. (i.e. each key stage will be completed within one establishment)
    Minimise the number of points of transfer from one school to another within the statutory age range
    Make best use of limited available resources including capital and revenue
    Ensure that schools can recruit and retain the highest quality staff to ensure they can be well-led, well-managed and students well taught.
    Ensure that 14-19 [provision is sufficient to meet the national entitlement and provide breadth and choice of subjects on offer, the best possible student outcomes and value for money.
    A review of 14-19 structures forms part of Stage 2 with consideration to be given to 11-16, 11-18 sixth form and tertiary college solutions.

    A review of special educational provision, based on the principle of co-location of special schools on mainstream sights.

    Consideration is to be given "in exceptional circumstances" to the all-through option, subject to strict criteria, including unanimous support from the governing bodies involved.  Other parts of the review spoke of a preferred size for secondary schools to be in the range of 6-10 form entry, with an optimum size of 1200, excluding sixth forms. Sixth forms should be no less than 200 strong, in 11-18 schools.
  30. Implementation of the School Organisation Review: the press release referred to 3 phases beginning Summer 2007.  The confidential draft proposals did indicate the the PDP had a view as to which areas would be reorganised first.  This included areas where there were well advanced plans for 14-19 provision. The Authority confirmed that implementation could be speeded up if a Middle School headteacher resigned or retired.
  31. blue dot Up-dated statement from NUT on the future of Middle Schools: Secretary has written to all SCC Cabinet members re. response to Paper C07/02 which is where the Council is likely to formally adopt the PRP Report's recommendations, to close all Middle Schools (16th January meeting of SCC Cabinet).  Suffolk NUT is proposing a delay in making that decision, at least until plans for the future of each Middle School are published and consulted upon.  Suffolk NUT is proposing retaining the concept of a separate building and dedicated staffing for the Middle Years, but enhancing closer management and governance to ensure no loss of continuity, and no differences in teaching and learning.  FAXed to Middle Schools and released to the Press/Media.
  32. blue dot Circular to Middle School Representatives on School Reorganisation, December 2006, re. plans to close Middle Schools.   Secretary expressed Division's concern that the reconstruction plan has not been announced at the same time as the decision in principle to recommend closure of Middle Schools.  We see this as likely to cause demoralisation in Middle Schools, blighting attempts to recruit to vacancies and attempts to bring Middle Schools around where they have been criticised by OFSTED or the Authority's "Schools of Concern" category.   There are Middle Schools currently, and recently, in Special Measures.   The Secretary is pushing the Authority for clear protocols to be in place to begin facilitating transfers of staff out of Middle Schools, and to give firm guarantees about redeployment,  This will need the consent of all Governing Bodies, who have the right to "hire and fire" staff in their own individual school, with no role in fact for the Authority.  An agreement is sought which will be adhered to by Governing Bodies involved.
  33. Church schools and the closure of Middle Schools: The Church Education Authorities were part of the PDP which made the recommendation of closure of middle schools. Secretary asked at the consultation meeting if there would be a loss of church school places as a result.  The diocesan represents said that there would be the same number of CE and Catholic places.  Whereas this might be true of the Catholic pyramids, it is difficult to see that this could be sustained where the Middle School is a CE Aided School, but the First School and Upper Schools are both County schools.
  34. Sixth-Form Centre for W. Ipswich and S. Suffolk.  At a meeting with the LSC and LA on 20th November, TU reps were up-dated on the plan, submitted by the Heads of Chantry, Stoke, Hadleigh, Thurleston and Holbrook High Schools, to build a new Sixth Form Centre to offer a post-16 education for each of these schools. The Authority has to open the process out to bids from any source, including faith school promoters and private businesses.  In the event, only one bid has been received - that from the local schools concerned.  THe bid has to be formally accepted, and must meet certain financial and educational criteria.  It is likely that the bid will go ahead and the Authority has earmarked land for it to be built, off the London Road near the Holiday Inn/Tesco's roundabout/A12-A14 junction.  The Government's presumption is that all new schools will be trust schools, and taken out of the control of the Local Authority.  It appears that this will be the case for the new centre, too.  However, an amendment in Parliament when the Act was in its final reading, does allow Local Authorities to bid to build its own new schools - they have to show that they are a "good" authority, and can be trusted with the capital funding provided.  The NUT is, of course, pushing hard for the Authority to make such an application.
  35. From CYPD website: A new £2 million state-of-the-art Skills Centre is to be built in Halesworth, giving school pupils and the wider community the very best in learning opportunities. Work commences from 12pm on 1 December 2006 with a launch event to lay the foundation stone led by the Mayors of Leiston, Bungay and Beccles. Located on part of the Halesworth Middle School complex and principally for use by Bungay High School, Lowestoft College, Leiston High School and Sir John Leman High School, the Skills Centre will be a purpose-built facility where learners over 13 years old will have the chance to develop new skills in a range of subjects including ICT and Media, engineering, hairdressing, automotive engineering, catering, and construction.  The investment of over £2 million has been made through The East of England Development Agency, Investing in Communities Programme in partnership with European Objective 2 and European Social Fund Programmes. The centre should be fully operational by September 2007.
  36. Performing Arts: A meeting with Philip Shaw and Janet Wellings on 23rd January indicated current thinking as to where the cuts could fall, depending on the final demands from the County Council about spending.  There were the already signalled proposals to raise more money from school buy-back and parental contributions and looking at premises costs, etc.  The latest proposals, however, are to eat into Conditions of Service issues, including the principle of PPA for peripatetic teachers.  The NUT raised objections, but agreed to consult members on flexible working suggestions which did not conflict with the general provisions of the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions document but which recognised that the CMS did not work in the same way as a school, with regular set hours, etc., for 5 days a week.  A meeting is to be arranged with CMS members.
  37. blue dot Suffolk County Council spending cuts: County Music School. The CYPD Forum was informed on 24th January that, because of more funding than expected, the total of £4.4m savings from CYPD budgets in 2007-8 has been reduced to £3.48m.  The main beneficiary is the Performing Arts, most of which is County Music.  This means that County Music is no looking to make just £30,000 savings in 2007-8 rather than the original £331,000.  However, £80,000 of the "subsidy" will not be recurring, at the need for longer term cuts remains.  Advisory Service: There has been a similar reprieve for the ADvisory Service which has received an extra £150,000 of non-recurring funding which will allow time to reorganise before having to meet the proposed savings, in 2008-9/
  38. NOTSCHOOL: the attempt to arrive at a sensible rate of pay for Notschool mentors in Suffolk goes on. The rate with effect from January 1st 2005 is still under negotiation, but the Authority has now offered a higher amount.  Secretary has re-sent the letter to the Chair of GTC/National President sent in August, as there has been no response.  Now copied to General Secretary.  Northamptonshire NUT reports problems with Notschool.  Secretary now putting in a request under the Freedom of Information Act for details of Notschool's agreements with Local Authorities and the rates of pay/conditions it expects its mentors (= teachers) to be paid. First Response from Notschool could only be described as a brush-off, refusing to supply any of the information requested and referring us to the Local Authority.  They also sent a bill for £25.  Secretary is asking Notschool for a copy of their complaints procedures and pointing out that the right to charge a fee for FoI information is, in law, only for the purposes of complying with the FoI request, not for rejecting it.
  39. Examination malpractice - Freedom of Information Request.  Secretary has lodged another FoI request, to an Examination Board. It concerns statements arising from a case where a teacher admits dictating to his/her students all the questions on 5 papers worded perfectly and in the correct order, some time before the actual examination.  It would appear that the GTC has accepted the assurances of the examination board that it is possible to guess the questions in this detail and have dropped the case against the teacher.   Furthermore, the examination board has criticised the LA and staff who "blew the whistle".  Secretary is therefore asking that examination board to confirm that their questions are so easy to spot and that there is therefore no need to investigate apparent leaks of examination questions.  The initial response, just received, declares that the OCR "does not hold" the information requested - i.e. that they are saying that they have no record of any statement / meeting minutes having a bearing on the view that the questions can be guessed accurately.  Secretary to pursue.
  40. The Domestic Violence case previously report to Division was subject to a referral to the Area Director on 21st October.  When no acknowledgement was received a month later, the Secretary gave a deadline for a response or he would take the matter to the Local Government Commissioner. By this week, still no response from W Area Director.  The CYPD has still not called the promised meeting to set up a working party to produce Domestic Violence policies for schools.  Secretary reminded CYPD of this on 23rd Jan.
  41. In October 2006, the EADT contained an article saing that there 200 fewer teachers in the County than in 2004.  It quoted SCC as saying that the number of pupils had fallen from 96,474 in 2004 to 95,659 in 2006.  BSE MP David Ruffley said that he had written to Education Secretary Alan Johnson to ask about the matter.  Secretary has written to David Ruffley to point out that there should in fact be some 8% more teachers in Suffolk, to allow children to be taught by qualified teachers when their normal class teacher is taking the 10% PPA time. No comment back as yet from AJ.
  42. blue dot The Suffolk NUT's concerns about teaching assistants taking full classes, especially timetabled classes on a regular basis, often requiring lessons to be prepared by the class teacher, is being taken up by the Authority's representative on the national WAMG groupings and we await a statement both from them, and Suffolk, about a policy for Suffolk schools.  We are expecting the practice to be stopped or at least severely criticised, enabling the NUT to pressurise further headteachers who use this approach.
  43. Section 188 notices have been published for: Bungay Primary School (1/11), Leiston High School (3), Ringshall (2/6) and Whitton Green (2/11.2).  A proposal for Yoxford was quickly withdrawn. Others are thought to be in the offing.
  44. New Rules re. provision for excluded pupils come in w.e.f. 1st April 2007.  As a result, for exclusions of 1-5 days, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to supervise the excluded child.  But for exclusions of more than 5 days, the school (not the LA) has to organise appropriate provision to ensure that each excluded child receives 21-25 hours of provision each week (depending on age), including 5 hours of tuition.  Just sending work home will not suffice.  The LA still picks up responsibility for permanently excluded pupils.
  45. blue dot Proposed Suffolk Term Dates for 2008-9 are out for consultation and have been posted on our website, inviting comments and feedback. Cabinet to confirm in April:
    Autumn Term (1) Monday 1 September - Friday 24 October 2008 40
    Half Term Monday 27 October - Friday 31 October 2007
    Autumn Term (2) Monday 3 November - Friday 19 December 2007 35
    Christmas Holiday Monday 22 December 2007 - Friday 2 January 2009
    Spring Term (1) Monday 5 January - Friday 13 February 2009 30
    Half Term Monday 16 February - Friday 20 February 2009
    Spring Term (2) Monday 23 February - Friday 3 Apil 2009 30
    Easter Holiday Monday 6 April - Friday 17 April 2009
    Summer Term (1) Monday 20 April - Friday 22 May 2009 (May Bank Holiday 4th May) 24
    Half Term Monday 25 May - Friday 29 May 2009
    Summer Term (2) Monday 1 June - Monday 20 July 2000 36
    TOTAL 195
  46. Calendar:
    1 Nov 06 TUs meet with School Organisation Review PDP 14 Feb Partnership Budget Briefing
    2 Nov 06 Division EC and Council 21 February 2007 JNC Teachers' Panel
    8 Nov 06 CYPD Staff Forum 28 February 2007 CYPD H&S TU group
    29 Nov 06 JNC Teachers' Panel 28 February 2007 CYPD Staff Forum
    1 Dec 06 Partnership Board 7 March 2007 Full JNC - postponed
    13 Dec 06 Full JNC 15 March 2007 Division EC and AGM
    19 Jan 07 TU Consultation on facilities, partnership agreement 20 March 2007 Partnership Board
    23 Jan 07 Headteachers' Wellbeing meeting (Graham) 17 May 2007 Division EC and Council
    23 Jan 07 CMS budget meeting (Martin, Jan Rowe) 23 May 2007 JNC Teachers' Panel
    24 Jan 07 CYPD Forum - mainly on budget 13 June 2007 Full JNC
    8 Feb 07 Corporate Partnership Board 28 June 2007 Division EC and Council
  47. Facilities and Partnership Agreement: A whole day meeting was held on 19th January. Some changes were made, mostly at NUT request. Agreement reached on the Partnership (constitution) and on the principles on which facility time will be granted in future.
  48. Secretary attended the SCC training day on Performance Management on 15th January.
  49. Secretaries of the recognised unions have now been given password access to COLIN.  This shows just how much better is the information, policies and access for the centrally employed staff (especially Single Status) than workers in schools and the unattached services in Education.
  50. blue dot Preparation for AGM: Draft Plan of Work (dates of meetings):
    Meetings of the Division Council at 7pm and meetings of the Executive Committee on the same dates, at 5.30pm.
    • March 15th 2007   (AGM)
    • May 17th 2007
    • June 28th 2007
    • September 27th  2007
    • November 15th  2007
    • January 24th 2008
    • March 13th 2008
    • May 15th 2008
    • June 19th 2008
    Meetings of Secretaries, Treasurers and Membership Secretaries at 6.45 pm:
    • Thursday 5th July 2007
    • Thursday 3rd July 2008
  51. Teacher Representative: Andrew Guite to report.
  52. blue dot Treasurer: Treasurer to make draft proposals on financial matters for the AGM, including proposed honoraria and expenses rates. As we have now divided the post of assistant secretary into (a) assistant secretary and (b) minuting secretary, a new honorarium needs to be decided as well.
  53. Conferences: Preparation for Easter Conference.
    Section D: Local Associations
  54. blue dot Ipswich Borough Council is making a bid to go Unitary.  Division needs to consider how to involve members in seeking information, assurances and influence.
  55. Bury St Edmunds & Sudbury Associations are planning a joint general meeting on school reorganisation on 21st February at Westley Middle School.

Date of next meeting: March 15th 2007 (AGM)


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