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Information for Division Council Meeting on Wednesday January 16th 2013

Venue: Belstead Brook Hotel  18:30 for 19:00

Circulars and Information From HQ

    • Pensions Campaign
    • Planned Teachers’ Pension Contribution Increase April 2013
    • Pension Increase 2013
    • Valuation of Teachers’ Pension Scheme
    • TPS Discussion Group
    • Public Service Pensions Bill
    • Annual Allowance
  2. 13-002-RM - ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2013 – LIVERPOOL : FRIDAY, 29 MARCH TO TUESDAY, 2 APRIL 2013 - initial arrangements, including creche.
  3. 13-001-RM - CONFERENCE MOTIONS 2013: ARRANGEMENT OF AGENDA – FORM 110 (to Local Associations)
  4. 12-232-RM - SENIOR SUPPORT OFFICER AND DIVISION SUPPORT OFFICER: applications invited to 3 posts at HQ.
  5. 12-231-RM - HEAD OF EDUCATION AND EQUALITIES: applications invited
  6. 12-230-OM - YOUNG TEACHERS' CONFERENCE: 7-9 JUNE 2013
  7. 12-229-ECR - WATERING DOWN OF REGULATIONS GOVERNING SCHOOL PREMISES IN ENGLAND: CLARIFICATION: (see 222-12 below) Academies and free schools are not covered by the School Premises (England) Regulations 2012. This was due to change in January 2013, but as of December 2012, there has been no DfE announcement. Currently, academies are covered by the Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations) 2003, which, on the subject of toilet provision, state only that there must be “sufficient washrooms for staff and pupils, including facilities for pupils with special needs, taking account of the Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999”, which, of course, are no longer in force.
  8. 12-228-S&C - DIVISION VOTE AT THE EXECUTIVE MEETING: THURSDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2012: details of the recorded vote in the Executive re. the Union’s response to the Government’s acceptance of the STRB recommendations.
  9. 12-227-S&C - BRIEFING FOR DIVISION SECRETARIES - SPRING TERM 2013: The briefing for local officers in England will take place at Hamilton House on Friday, 1 February 2013
  10. 12-226-EE - HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY: The Union, along with the Holocaust Educational Trust will be holding an event on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 from 5.00pm to 7.00 pm, at NUT Headquarters with the them of Communities Together: Build a Bridge, to honour those communities which were destroyed in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur, as well as the atrocities in Armenia.
  12. 12-224-OM - LEARNING WITH THE NUT COURSE GUIDE 2012/13: the Learning with the NUT Course Guide will be re-sent to all schools in the January mailing. The Course Guide includes information on CPD and national training opportunities for NUT members, other teachers, NUT representatives and local officers.
  13. 12-223-SSEE - TRADE UNION RECOGNITION IN ACADEMIES: TUC GUIDELINES: TUC’s guidance note on trade union recognition in academies, which accompanies the TUC model agreement for academies, has been reissued. It now includes a statement of support from NAHT in addition to the endorsement of the TUC affiliated education unions (ATL, NASUWT, NUT and support staff unions GMB, Unison and Unite).
  14. 222-12-ECR - WATERING DOWN OF REGULATIONS GOVERNING SCHOOL PREMISES IN ENGLAND: Most significant changes made by the School Premises (England) Regulations 2012 replacing the Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999 are:
  15. 12-221-EE - ACADEMY BROKERS AND THE GOVERNMENT’S ACADEMY AGENDA: DoE has employed LA and academy sponsor ‘brokers’ whose role is to visit schools and local authorities in targeted areas to ‘persuade’ them to apply for academy status for their school. The NUT has had reports of head teachers and governors being called to meetings with these brokers in which brokers have, in some instances, behaved in an intimidating and coercive fashion.  NUT has sent a letter to NUT primary head teacher members seeking to assure them of the Union’s support, should they find themselves in this situation and to advise them of both their own and their school’s legal position.
  16. 12-220-S&C - STRATFORD SCHOOL, NEWHAM: following the launch of the joint NUT/NASUWT action short of strike action, it became necessary to escalate to strike action at Stratford School in Newham where members were threatened with salary deductions if they continued the industrial action. In response, members have taken nine days’ strike action at the school.  At talks facilitated at ACAS, an interim agreement was reached. As a result, the Union has suspended further strike action and will be reintroducing the action short of strike action measures and the school has committed to not making or threatening deductions whilst talks continue on outstanding issues.
  17. 12-219-ECR - MOVING FORWARD WITH APPRAISAL: an NUT Survey on appraisal procedures found:
  18. 12-218-EE - LIFT THE BLOCKADE OF GAZA: urges associations and divisions to take action to help lift the blockade of Gaza for good by going to: and sign the petition calling on the UK Government to use its influence.
  24. 12-212-OM - INVITATION TO A ROUNDTABLE ON WOMEN IN THE NUT: event on women’s participation in the NUT has been organised for Saturday, 2 February 2013 at Hamilton House.
  25. 12-211-E&E - MEDICAL AID FOR PALESTINIANS: As urgent calls continue to come in for additional medical supplies from MAP teams working inside Gaza, an emergency appeal to respond to the crisis has been launched. MAP needs to raise £100,000 immediately to make sure all hospitals have the necessary medicines and medical supplies to treat casualties. (West Suffolk NUT Association sent £200 to MAP in December)
  26. 12-210-S&C - THE LEVESON PRESS ENQUIRY; the NUJ is asking for support in lobbying MPs to counter the growing pressures from newspaper owners against any moves for serious reform.
  27. 12-207-ECR - HEALTH AND SAFETY ADVISER' BULLETIN NO.32 also at :
    • NUT opposes changes to liability laws
    • Unions press for schools asbestos audit
    • BBC Wales report into asbestos exposure at Cymcarn High School
    • Asbestos - findings of Committee on Carcinogenicity (COC)
    • Asbestos liability in academies – Campaigning Against Academies
    • E-learning asbestos management guidance
    • Australian asbestos eradication plan
    • New safety minister to replace Chris Grayling
    • HSE chair re-appointed for second term
    • School worker suffers bromine poisoning
    • Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge – a reminder
    • Labour Research Department (LRD)
    • Health and Safety Information
    • Teachers express anger at calls to ‘work harder’
    • HSE starts to bill law breakers
    • Who is the employer in different types of schools?
    • 40@40: health and safety stories from the front line
    • Recent NUT health and safety circulars
    • NUT health and safety representatives’ training course

  29. 12-206-OM - LEARNING WITH THE NUT MAGAZINE 2012/13: reports on the four areas of NUT training: national training programme; continuing professional development; ICT skills for teachers; and NUT learning representatives.  Copy sent to schools and new teachers in their second year of teaching.
    Report from MG, EOTAS and Soulbury Caseworker:
  30. EOTAS: The LA has agreed to undertake an "Interim Review" of the restructuring which has proved so problematical since introduced, without proper planning or policies, in September.  The NUT is represented on the Steering Panel and will be interviewed as part of the process which will be examining both what went wrong and what is needed to put things right. EOTAS staff who are not interviewed are asked to send their observations and ideas to a special mailbox: .  Evidence and the contents of e-mails will be collated in confidence by two HR officers, who will then report the findings first to the Panel, then to a conference of all EOTAS staff due to take place in March.  At the moment, the Union is still awaiting draft copies of the amended contracts (those sent out in September were flawed), an EOTAS Pay Policy (which has not been up-dated to take account of the re-structure) and a Performance Management/Appraisal policy (meaning that PM for the 2012-2013 cycle has not yet started!).  The LA has still failed to find premises for the two W Area Group tuition centres which opened in September in the W Area, in temporary accommodation at Belle Vue, Sudbury.  The policy was that these group would have to be in Bury St Edmunds, but they are now looking at premises in Stowmarket.
  31. 4'rce: Further reports of concerns about conditions and decision making in 4'rce Centres are coming in.  The Union asked the LA for written details of "who is responsible for what" in Centres managed by 4'rce but where the teaching and most support staff are employed by the Authority.  There is much uncertainty over who makes decisions about discipline, admissions, and budget.  We have been waiting three months now for a response.
  32. Soulbury: Several staff in the Sensory/Communications Service left at Christmas or are leaving shortly. The LA agreed to keep to Soulbury pay and conditions to recruit replacements for the Advisory Teachers who were leaving. They reported "a good field", but in the event, they had great difficulty appointing because the applicants, being teachers of the VI or HI, did not want to go onto Soulbury pay, come out of the Teachers' Pension Scheme, and lose the school holiday entitlement. The LA therefore sought the Union's agreement to appointing to School Teachers Pay and Conditions, while keeping those who had already transferred, at LA insistence, to Soulbury with protection of pension and holiday entitlement, on Soulbury pay (to their advantage). We reminded the LA that we had warned them of this problem when they had insisted that these Advisory Teachers (along with SEN ATs) were transferred to Soulbury. They now want to go back to paying them as teachers. We have said we are happy with that, have reported back to the members concerned, but want to have further discussions about the appropriate rate of pay. We are suggesting that they could go back to Advanced Skills Teacher scales, but they want to appoint to main scale with SEN payments at either the minimum or, for those with extra VI/HI qualifications, at the maximum SEN allowed. There is also going to be a review of this service, looking in particular at coverage and serving individual pupil needs across the county.

  Report from "Webmaster":

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