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Information for Division AGM on Wednesday 5th March 2014

Venue: Belstead Brook Hotel, Ipswich   18:30 for 19:00

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Circulars and Information From HQ & Executive

  1. 14-005 - RM Annual Conference 2014, Brighton: The National Union will meet the travel expenses of up to two delegates from each association/division attending Annual Conference and these expenses should be the standard class rail fare taking advantage of concessionary rates where available.  HQ allowance for Secretaries, etc is £100 per day.

Report from MG, EOTAS and Soulbury Caseworker:
  1. Secretary met with Sue Cook, CYP Director, over half term re. her attempt to "ban" MG from attending meetings with two named officers, because she claimed that MG's raising of issues and insistance on procedures being properly implemented was "harassing" them.  SC removed the general "ban" she sought to impose (for which she had of course no authority) but still insisted that MG was not to e-mail the two officers and those two officers would not attend meetings at which MG was present.
  2. MG has reported these actions to some County Councillors, as a kind of insurance policy, and has written to SC pointing out that she had never actually met with, spoken or written to MG direct, and setting out his viewpoint but offering to have any genuine complaints taken up via appropriate procedures, including arbitration by ACAS.
  3. MG has put in a Freedom of Information request on behalf of the Division re. the names of persons who are Chairs of the Management Boards of all PRUs, and the names of all Managers of those PRUs which are taking on the Management of EOTAS staff (Kingsfield, Parkside, Attic and St Christophers).  We have had to go to a FoI because GG said that the information was protected by the Data Protection Act. We believe that to be yet another bit of legal opinion from SCC and will challenge it.
  4. Given the reluctance of any officers of CYP or SCC to take any radical action to improve EOTAS (or indeed Education in Suffolk!), I have been fostering liaison with any of the County Councillors who are supporting our approach.  This is so far limited to Lib Dem, Labour and Green members.  The majority group seem to be simply supporting the mistakes and ineffective leadership of the Cabinet and the top officers, who seem bereft on any actually effective ideas.
  5. As the EOTAS teams officially transfer to being managed and employed by 4 PRUs in the county, there is still uncertainty over the position of some of the ZH staff.  EOTAS Management still believes that they can manage staff who are actually employed by PRUs which have the same status as Community Schools.  There remains at least one team of ZH teachers who are not managed by a Headteacher.  It has recently emerged that teachers in the Behaviour Support Service are also working in a grey area where they do not have a headteacher to undertake their Performance Management, etc.  EOTAS management have learnt nothing from the gun incident about the Governance of education staff!

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