Notes for Division Meeting: March 2005 (AGM)

Previous meeting (January 2005)


Suffolk Division NUT
Executive Committee (17:30 - 18:30)
and DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING (19:00 - 21:00)

March 3rd 2005 St Edmunds Room, Bury St Edmunds Cathedral Conference Centre

Apologies already recorded: For EC / Both: For Council: Annie Pickess

u =Items for Executive Committee

¤ =Items for Division Council

Section A: National with National Executive Report

¤ Report from Glenys Shepherd.

  1. Executive News 114, February 2005 (duplicated on pale orange)
  2. Executive News 113, January 2005
  3. NUT News 6: Bad News Day: STRB Report
  4. NUT News 4: Your Pension: Stepping up the campaign
  5. u NUT News no.3: Ofsted complaints hotline: The NUT's call for an OFSTED complaints hotline has been supported by the Schools Inspection Adjudicator and agreed by the Chief Inspector. NUT General Secretary, Steve Sinnott comments The NUT's call for an OFSTED complaints hotline has been supported by the SchoolsInspection Adjudicator and agreed by the Chief Inspector. The NUT has sought consistently to protect teachers from inaccurate and unfair school inspections. TheNUT's campaign to remove the punitive aspects of school inspections highlighted itsdemand for an effective complaints procedure for teachers, head teachers and schools. INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL The Minister of Education announced the new OFSTED procedure in the House of Lords. Schools with concerns about inspections, including the "emerging findings",would have access to a helpline where they could discuss those concerns "with aprofessional who is independent of the inspection team". PURSUING MEMBERS' COMPLAINTS The NUT will be able to pursue complaints on behalf of members. NUT members willbe given guidance on the new procedures when the new hotline is in place. FURTHER STEPS NECESSARY Through the Education Bill, the NUT is pressing for the Schools Inspection Adjudicator to have additional powers. She should be able to correct the content ofinaccurate inspection reports and to rule on the conduct of inspections. NUT General Secretary, Steve Sinnott, said: "NUT members will welcome the development of an OFSTED hotline. The acceptance of the NUT's initiative will address the injustice felt by teachers and headteachers subjected to unfair inspections. The NUT has given the highest priority toprotecting members from unfair inspections. This is a success for the Union and wewill press further for schools to have full redress for all aspects of inaccurate andunfair inspections."
  6. NUT News no. 2 Under Threat
  7. Up-date on Pensions Ballot. NUT members may subsequently be balloted formally on the action supported in their divisions. Where possible, the action will be coordinated with other unions. The three campaign proposals for action refer to the same day, a date yet to be announced. The three campaign proposals are: OPTION 1: ONE DAY STRIKE, UNSUSTAINED; OPTION 2: A DAY OF INDUSTRIAL ACTION SHORT OF STRIKE ACTION, UNSUSTAINED; OPTION 3: CAMPAIGNING ACTIVITIES SHORT OF INDUSTRIAL ACTION. Such is the threat to teachers' pensions, i.e., the Government's proposal to raise thenormal pension age from 60 to 65, that the NUT Executive is urging members to support the strongest possible action, a one day strike. NUT members wanting to intensify the Union's campaign can vote 'YES' to one, two or all three campaign proposals. WHO IS BEING SURVEYED? The NUT is seeking responses from NUT members who are in full or part-time service and whose pensions are within the Teachers' Pension Scheme. SUPPLY AND AGENCY TEACHERS, however, are not included in the survey. According to circumstances, they may be included in subsequent formal ballots.
  8. The Teacher on line: You can now get an on-line version of The Teacher. You can ask for these via You will be sent an e-mail of the leader article and can then click for an internet connection to read in the main articles.
  9. Commenting on the Government's decision on recommendations from the School Teachers' Review Body, Steve Sinnott said: "Overall the proposed changes to the teachers' salary structure fail to meet the needs of schools. "Thousands of teachers face a pay cut and loss of status as a result of the Government's introduction of teaching and learning responsibility payments. Those teachers are currently in receipt of management allowances which are to disappear under this new scheme. The change will also create unnecessary upheaval in schools. As the second largest organisation of headteachers, the Union is well aware that the Excellent Teachers Scheme creates an arbitrary and false dichotomy between ETS holders and those teachers with professional leadership responsibilities. Teachers with professional leadership responsibility and associated payments will not understand why they should be excluded from the ETS and there will be problems inrelating such posts to management roles. The intention to limit safeguarding to three years will make the already difficult job of reorganising schools still more thorny. The Review Body recommended that the NUT should be included without pre-condition in all future talks on teachers' pay and salary structure. It also recommended the Union's inclusion in discussion on teachers' professional development The Government has yet to accept these recommendations. The Union will strongly demand that they are implemented and the Union fully involved in these discussions."
  10. White Paper on 14-19 education Commenting on the White Paper on 14-19 education published today by Education Secretary Ruth Kelly, Steve Sinnott, General Secretary of the UK's biggest teachers' union, the NUT, said: "This looks like a failure of nerve by Government. The Tomlinson Report attracted are markable degree of consensus ranging from the Chief Inspector of Schools to all organisations representing teachers. "His report made it clear that if there are two separate routes for students divided on academic and vocational lines, then a two tier system will continue to be embedded. "I cannot see the Russell Group of Universities according a vocational diploma the same status it gives to A levels. "The NUT supported the Government's commissioning of Tomlinson and the support it appeared to be giving to his proposal for an Open Diploma. Now it looks as if short-sighted electoral considerations have over-ridden sensible policy making. "There are opportunities in the White Paper which should be grasped. For this reason I call on the Government to establish a review and implementation body including the main political parties, trade unions and employers to monitor andadvise governments on 14-19 reform." The White Paper uses the language of Tomlinson but has a fundamentally differentmeaning. Tomlinson was about ensuring all young people had access to both academic and vocational learning. "The Government has created one diploma for GCSEs and A levels and another forvocational learning. This re-branding does not disguise the fact that the academic/vocational divide has been widened rather than narrowed."
    Circulars from HQ, etc:
  11. u TEACHER SUPPORT NETWORK: Seeking support for fund raising at Conference
  12. u 05-029-CCU - DIVISION SECRETARIES' BRIEFING: Hours cut to end at 2.00pm, starting at 11:00. Secretary unable to attend.
  14. u 05-024-EEO - NATIONAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2005. At the National College of School Leadership, Nottingham, on Sat - Sun 2nd-3rd July.
  16. ¤ 05-022-CCU - AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE NATIONAL UNION OF TEACHERS AND UNISON. Secretary is in contact with David Church of UNISON on this.
  18. u 05-016-O&A - ARRANGEMENTS FOR ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2005, including voting on prioritisation of motions.
  19. ¤ 05-015-L&PS - A CALL FOR EVIDENCE: POSITIVE EXPERIENCES OF FLEXIBLE WORKING: The introduction of the right to have "flexible working" considered appears to be having a reverse effect from intended. More and more applications for job share/part time working are being turned down using the "business reasons" or "efficiency" get-out clauses as a pretext.
  20. 05-014-O&A - ELECTION OF DEPUTY GENERAL SECRETARY: Christine Blower elected.
  21. From Nick Grant (Ealing NUT): Hands off our schools! A critique of The DfES's 5-Year Strategy for Children and Learners
  22. From Ealing NUT: Conference: Rethinking Education in the era of Globalisation, 5th March, Islington.£10 fee.
  23. From CASE: Casenotes, Issue 7, Feb 2005: CASE to brief Parliament on Objections to Education Bill.
    Section B: Regional: Regional Office to report.
  24. u It has been decided that the Regional Reception at Conference 2005 will not go ahead.
    Section C: Division / Executive Committee:
  25. ¤ Annual Report for 2004-5 (duplicated on blue paper).
  26. u Section 188 notices: Current known notices are (a) for Easter: Barnby & North Cove, Eye Primary (resolved). For August: Badwell Ash, Blundeston P, Cliff Lane P, Combs Ford P, Downing P, Gt Cornard US, Gt Heath P, Leiston Middle, Leiston P, Ringshall, St Felix Middle, Scaltback, Sextons Manor P, Waldringfield P.
  27. ¤ UPS Progression: More examples are coming forward of problems where Heads are refusing UPS3 on the grounds of para 19 re. "growing professionally" and "two successive successful performance reviews". Appeals being to Governors, it is difficult to get them to understand that these new criteria were not in place during the period which was under review. It looks as though the RIG "clarification" has opened Pandora's box. Some heads are revelling in new powers for which there is no robust "due process" to rectify. Some interesting individual situations and it is clear that many Governors, while still siding with the headteacher, right or wrong, are concerned at the lack of justice and transparency.
  28. u Industrial Injury: Secretary seeking a meeting with AA and DJET. The LEA are still ignoring the agreed procedure and the APOs have no actual procedure to check on industrial causes. The timing of referrals to Occupational Health is also an issue. Our case is proceeding to a Grievance, on the basis that the agreed procedures have not been implemented.
  29. Safety of staff in Special Schools: In the particular case where a UIN was issued, the Secretary has now made a complaint to the Health and Safety Executive, as injuries to staff have continued unabated.
  30. ¤ Managed Moves Protocol. Secretary has submitted our response to the consultation document on Managed Moves.
  31. ¤ Membership 2004: December 2004 in-service figures forwarded to LEA for facilities purposes and total membership per Association sent to PB for Division Subs calculations. In-Service membership is now approaching 3000 members.
    Association In-service All members
    BURY ST EDMUNDS 779 889
    IPSWICH 784 836
    LOWESTOFT 279 307
    SE SUFFOLK 426 520
    SUDBURY 269 294
    WAVENEY & YOXFORD 391 428
    Totals 2928 3274
  32. u Teachers on long-term sickness: The Secretary has written to the LEA (COunty and Area Personnel Officers) suggesting improvements to procedures re. sick pay and incapacity benefit, because of numerous missed deadlines and members suffering a loss of entitlement as a consequence. There is a lack of liaison between Pay Roll and Personnel departments, and not all information is being sent to teachers off ill in good time.
  33. Minutes of the Workforce Remodelling Meeting of January 20th January (Graham White attended). Next meetings: May 18th and Sept 28th.
  34. SCC Papers received:
    Minutes Learning for Life 27 Jan 2005
    ¤ L05/8 Special Educational Needs report
    L05/9 Promoting Good Attendance in Suffolk Schools
    L05//10 The Arts in Education
    L04/11 The Future of Peasenhall School / Management of School Balances / SEN Audit changes to Financing Arrangements (=Managed Moves)
  35. From Learning & Skills Council, list of members of the L&SC Council: Mr Hamil Clarke Miss Johanna Finn Mr Nick Foster Mr Greg Grant Mrs Caroline Gumble Mr Tony Lewis Mrs Betty Milburn Mr Jonathan Moore Professor Dave Müller Professor Richard Nicol Mr Tony Preston Mrs Bryony Rudkin Mr Ashley Seaborne Mrs Annette Whybrow . The following are "observers":Mr Peter Button Mrs Tina Ellis Mr Brendan Loughran Mr Mervyn Stokes Mr David Thornton.
  36. Learning and Skills Council Liaison: Secretary has agreed with NATFHE to request a joint seminar on 14-19 and possible plans for Suffolk (with LSC and FE representatives). Teachers' Panel of JNC has agreed.
  37. u Treasurer: Secretary purchased a replacement computer monitor (Acer) at a cost of £176 incl VAT and delivery. Secretary seeking permission to acquire Broadband via Freenetname (who provide our Suffolk NUT website free of charge.)
  38. Health and Safety (John Osborne): Report of the TU Consultative Group (Education Directorate). Includes items on Hepatits B incoulations, protective clothing and Managed Moves.
  39. ¤ Teacher Representatives: Annual Report from Andrew Guite (duplicated on pink).
  40. ¤ Andrew also forwarded the following press release re. appointment of Director for Children and Young People.
    Rosalind Turner has been appointed as Suffolk County Council's first Director for Children and Young People. Rosalind is currently Assistant Director Children, Families and Schools with Brighton and Hove City Council and has over 22 years' experience in education and local government. She will be responsible for bringing together and setting the strategy for all of Suffolk's services for children and young people including education and social care. Rosalind will also have corporate management responsibilities within the county council.
    Bryony Rudkin, Leader of Suffolk County Council, said: "We have been looking for someone who will quickly become a strong advocate for children and young people in Suffolk. Rosalind is an outstanding professional, with a clear vision for the future of our services. I am confident that Rosalind will lead a robust and modern organisation focussed on improving lives and opportunities for young people in our county."
    Tony Lewis, Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People, added: "We have been working very hard over the last two years, through our Children's Futures initiative, to produce more joined-up, better quality services for children and young people, and Rosalind will have a solid foundation to build on."
    Mike More, Chief Executive of Suffolk County Council, said: "We mean to transform the way we think about and deliver services to children and young people. Bringing together these services is a significant challenge, and Rosalind's role will be to lead a team which ensures that the needs of all children and young people will be met and enhanced. "Everyone in that team will take on leadership roles so that collectively the educational attainment of all children and young people is enhanced, the safety of all children and young people is safeguarded and the health of all children and young people is promoted. "Success in this venture will depend on the right balance of team, mutual respect and trust across all agencies and professions and ensuring we build on the excellent practice already in place. There are great opportunities for all services in this change. "As part of Rosalind's team, I have asked David Thornton, currently Acting Director of Learning, to take a key leadership role in ensuring continued strong and effective support to schools in Suffolk as they take the opportunities presented in a changing environment, and I am delighted that David has accepted this role."
    Commenting on her appointment, Rosalind said: "Suffolk County Council has a deep rooted commitment to children and young people. This new role and new directorate is all about the future of young people. It will be my job to create and manage the systems and structures to ensure that no child should fall through the net. I intend to take this agenda forward and build on the authority's excellent track record of working with partners across the county."
    Rosalind is a former teacher of English and drama. In her current role she has worked on bringing together education and children's social services, and is leading on further integration with health and other agencies. In 1995 she was awarded a Churchill Travelling Fellowship to study drug education in Australia, and she also spent two years assisting a British Council funded project to support schools in Siberia. Rosalind began her working life as a newspaper reporter on the Express and Star in Wolverhampton, and hails originally from Shropshire. She has a grown-up son and a four-year-old granddaughter, so has a keen personal interest in ensuring good services for children.
  41. ¤ SEN Risk Assessment Meeting 3/2/5: A lot of the work of this Working Party is now coming to some fruition. The absence of Risk Assessment from the managed move protocol was noted and would be addressed. LEA now ready with documentation and agreed procedures to implement:
    Training in Risk Assessment re. Exclusions/Managed Moves for Special Needs Officers, PRU Heads, SEO Pupil Services, EAOTAS coordinators, Inclusion Coordinators, relevant Advisory Headteachers, etc.
    Use of risk assessment grids by the LEA for all transfers and managed moves (using an amended format of the NUT checklist), including prior to any return to mainstream education.
    Clear "flow chart" of decision making and responsibilities for risk assessment for all types of move. Clarification of roles of EOTAS Coordinator, Inclusion Coordinator and Special Needs Officer in each LA Area.
    Consultation with headteachers on a "panel" to oversee / advise on "Managed Moves"
    Procedure for vetting and checking premises used for Home Tuition
    Publication of a pack of H&S and emergency procedure information for Home Tutors
    EAOTAS coordinators to cascade training to Home Tutors
    Training for Home Tutors (preferably on PD Days) for Home Tutors in Risk Assessment, Personal Safety (Lone Worker), and Child Protection
    Next meeting 25/4/5 to plan the training session.
  42. Future of PRUs: Gazeley PRU is supposedly starting after Easter, but there is no Head of Unit appointed as yet. The LEA is assuming that future expansion of PRUs will be based on the 18 "localities" for a combined "Services for Children" administration. The assumption is that current PRUs will cease to be run by the LEAs but will be run by the are group of schools. Eventually, decisions about suitable provision would also be taken at by the Locality. Neat, in't it? No role for LEA? But presumably it would require 18 PRUs, for each/all sectors.
  43. Personnel info: Bob Crompton is managing Unisafe and personal safety. Jane Tuke is now leading on "Strategic Training and Decelopment". Sue Thomas is also picking up the teacher recruitment role (from Seamus Fox).
  44. ¤ Courses and Conferences:
  45. Student Recruitment:Up-date.
    Section D: Local Associations

Date of next meeting: May 12th 2005. Venue to be confirmed