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These notes are up-dated regularly and not completed / finalised until the day before the next meeting.

Notes for Division Annual General Meeting: March 2007  (AGM)

[Previous meeting (January 25th 2007)]


Suffolk Division NUT
Executive Committee (17:30 - 18:30)
and DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING (19:00 - 21:00)

The Granary, Sudbury

Thursday March 15th 2007


Apologies already recorded: For EC only: Graham White (meeting).   For Council / Both: Paul Widdowson (ill), Andy Royall .


greenblob = Items for Executive Committee blue dot = Items for Division Council

Section A: National with National Executive Report

blue dot Report from Glenys Shepherd.

  1. Executive News 131
  2. Executive News 132
  3. NUT News 4: The end of KS Testing?
  4. From NUT with the Holocaust Education Trust: Paul's Journey, with Teachers' Notes, published for Holocaust Day.   Based on memories of Holocaust survivor Paul Oppenheimer.
    Circulars from HQ, etc:
  6. 07-044-E&EO - TRUST SCHOOLS' STATUS: HQ  seeking information from secretaries about any schools in their area who are considering acquiring Trust School status through the establishment of a Charitable Trust
  7. 07-043-E&EO - EDUCATION REVIEW: New Directions Home? The Challenges and Opportunities of Modern Childhood”
  8. 07-042-M&C - ‘QUICK  READS’:  A  ‘WORLD  BOOK  DAY’  INITIATIVE: Quick Reads relies on the work of tutors, practitioners, librarians, union learning representatives, educationalists and others to spread the word about Quick Reads.  We would urge union learning representatives to register their interest in the campaign on and help to raise awareness of Quick Reads.
  9. greenblob07-040-H&S - CRAZY ABOUT WORK, by John Illingworth.  A survey into work stress by Nottingham City NUT.  Extra copies available at 70p each.  Bury and Sudbury Associations are ordering a copy for each school.
  10. greenblob07-039-EEO - NATIONAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2007
  11. 07-038-L&PS - COMPULSORY RETIREMENTS FROM AGE 65:  A judicial review case challenging the legality of compulsory retirements from age 65 brought by Age Concern and Heyday has been referred to the European Court of Justice.  The case has a low chance of success following the Advocate General’s Opinion on a similar challenge made by a Spanish employee which is likely to be followed by the ECJ.  The NUT is, however, advising members who are forced to retire from the age of 65 against their wishes to consider lodging a protective tribunal claim.
  15. 07-032-EEO - JOINT NUT/NALDIC ETHNIC MINORITY ACHIEVEMENT GRANT(EMAG) SURVEY 2006 AND ITS RECOMMENDATIONS FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES: Advice to divisions on issues to raise with local authorities in relation to EMAG.
  17. 07-030-CCU - THE TEACHER MAGAZINE: DIVISION SECRETARIES QUESTIONAIRE: Secretary unable to meet the deadline of 19 Feb to respond.
  18. 07-029-CCU - ACADEMIES - EARLY DAY MOTION: KEN PURCHASE MP: Ken Purchase, Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton North East, has tabled an Early Day Motion on the Academies programme.
  19. greenblob07-028-M&C - CLASSROOM CLIMATE, GLOBAL CLIMATE: YOUNG TEACHERS CONFERENCE: Kate Reiss of Waveney & Yoxford Association attended.
  20. 07-027-SALS - SCHOOL TEACHERS' PAY: STRB REPORT AND SECRETARY OF STATE'S RESPONSE: The Secretary of State has initiated a statutory consultation exercise on the STRB Report and his proposals, with responses required by 5 March 2007, to which the Union will respond in accordance with Union policy.  Full details.
  21. greenblob07-026-M&C - NEW TEACHERS’ RECRUITMENT MATERIALS 2007
  22. 07-025-COS - PREMATURE RETIREMENT COMPENSATION/AGE DISCRIMINATION ACT 2006:  The Union has been advised that some local authorities are claiming that age discrimination legislation prevents the use of the teachers’ premature retirement compensation arrangements.  The Union rejects such arguments.
  23. greenblob07-024-O&A - ARRANGEMENTS FOR ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2007: All details including priority voting on agenda items.
  24. blue dot07-023-M&C - OPEN UNIVERSITY - COURSE FEE DISCOUNT FOR TRADE UNIONISTS: The OU is now providing a 10 per cent discount on OU courses to trade union members taking their first 30 or 60 point course at Level 1.  The discount is not eligible to anyone who has already passed a course of 20 points or more or who is currently studying with the OU.  To qualify for the discount, NUT members will need to provide a copy of their NUT credential card and attach it to their course registration document.  They will also need to quote fee code – UL (UnionLearn).   Further information and other benefits being offered to trade union members can be found at:
  26. blue dot07-021-EEO - SCHOOL ADMISSIONS CODE -The School Admissions Code comes into force on 28 February 2007 and applies to all maintained schools, including grammar schools, Trust Schools, boarding schools, entry into school sixth forms and Academies.This code and related information are available from DfES Publications or at  In Suffolk, the catchment area guarantee has been removed as a consequence.
  28. 07-019-SALS - SCHOOL FUNDING 2007-08: Final local authority DSG allocations for 2007-08 will be calculated by multiplying the number of full-time equivalent pupils in January 2007 by each local authority’s DSG guaranteed unit of funding as announced in December 2005.
  31. 07-016-EEO - CONSULTATION ON REVISED PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT POLICY: The NUT achieved further consultation on the RIG Performance Management Policies to be introduced from September 2007.  The NUT is seeking to write in to the guidance protections and maxima which the other associations had allowed to be missed out when agreeing to the Government's plans.  The NUT is also seeking to have the NUT principles adopted by Local Authorities in their guidance to schools.  A briefing note on what we wish to see in the final policies is available: NUTonPerfMan(1-7)forLA.doc .  This has also been forwarded to the Authority (Personnel, Workforce Remodelling and PM Trainers).
    Section B: Regional  
  32. Alan Williams is retiring.  No news as yet as who will be looking after Suffolk.

    Section C: Division
  33. President's Address: Graham White to be installed as President for 2007-8: An extract from Graham's speech to be distributed to County Councillors and as a Press Release.
  34. Annual Report for AGM 2007 distributed at the meeting, and published on the website.
  35. School Reorganisation: Suffolk NUT has called meetings for members in Bury St Edmunds, Halesworth and Lowestoft to further the campaign to get the CC to think again over Middle Schools.
    21st February, Westley Middle School at 19.15  
    27th February, Kirkley High School Vocational Centre at 19:30  
    28th February, Halesworth Middle School at 19.30  

    10th March - Celebration of Middle Schools at Westley Middle School, 14:00-16:00 - Flyer explaining NUT position

  36. blue dotSchool Reorganisation: NUT worded a joint press statement from NUT, ATL, NASUWT, CYWU and UNISON urging SC Councillors to refer back the cabinet's proposals to close Middle Schools, to be debated on March 22nd.   A Press release was worded by the NUT and signed by the ATL, NASUWT and UNISON before all 4 unions submitted the same release simultaneously. Secretary has circulated all County Councillors with a statement from the NUT based on the flyer in 34 above.
  37. blue dotFuture of County Music School: Meetings with members called on 20th (in Ipswich) and 26th February (Bury St Edmunds) have been called to discuss LA proposals to change conditions of service for teachers in the CMS.  Another meeting held with PS, also on 20th Feb, gave initial NUT reactions and sought further detail of what was being proposed.  There have also been 2 meetings with CMS NUT members. CMS wants to reduce the amount of PPA time during Monday-Friday and "pay back" by having release time when schools have PD days, sports, days, etc.  This was rejected by the NUT, but we agreed to continue talking about flexible days and weeks for CMS staff, and looking at different term dates from those of schools, to allow the CMS to respond to developing requirements from schools.  Savings by the CMS have been reduced to £30,00 in 2007-8, followed by extra savings of £40,000 in 2008-9 and a further £40,000 the following year, meaning that by 2009, £110,000 will have been wiped off the CMS spending budget or recouped by higher charges, etc.  To achieve this, schools will be asked to pay more for tuition services, +7% from September 2007.   Parents will also be asked to increase their commitment - both by increasing the termly access fee for orchestras, choirs, etc., but most probably also where schools pass on CMS fees for tuition to the parents.  Detailed proposals of any changes to conditions of service are awaited - the NUT is prepared to be flexible but is insisting that the total number of hours and days worked, and any individual length of day, must be consistent with the STP&C Document and its provisions on work-life balance.
  38. greenblobAdvisory Service: Although the Advisory Service has also benefited from some extra resources, and their savings for 2007-8 have been reduced, the "direction of travel" is towards a Private-Public Partnership approach, similar to that with CSD.  The Authority is known to be interested in CfBT which has been managing School Improvement Services in Lincolnshire and East Sussex since 2002.
  39. greenblobSoulbury Staff: The Soulbury staff forum has agreed in principle to regularising the situation of Soulbury staff to comply fully with the pay and conditions as intended.  Up to now, curriculum consultants, for example, have been on a shorter scale than advisors, and several Soulbury categories have not had access to the extra SPA payments (Structure Professional Assessment).  The Authority is also looking at bringing all school improvement officers, including Advisory Teachers, under Soulbury. The NUT has expressed concerns about the effect on pensions for those in the TPS, and the LA has agreed to produce a paper on how individuals could be affected. At present, "Advisory Teachers" include some who are doing basically a school improvement / advisor's role, and others in learning support who are actually involved in teaching pupils.  Unfortunately, the LA decided 2 years ago that in future all Advisory Teachers, whether "teachers" or not, would be placed on the LG pension scheme, and would not be allowed access to the Teachers' Pension Scheme. Those who were in the TPS at the time of the decision were allowed to stay in, but all new posts will be considered LG posts.  If you are paid on Soulbury, it will not be possible to be a member of the Teachers' Superannuation Scheme.
  40. Re-structuring: Those who were on an extended temporary management allowances on Jan 1st 2006 will have had their management allowance stopped w.e.f. 1st Jan 2007.  In some situations, where the re-structuring plans were not properly developed, consulted upon or implemented, this came as a shock to the post holders, and even to the headteachers. In one school, 5 temporary management holders found their allowance had disappeared, but without notice or any means of addressing their place in the new structure.  Payroll automatically ceased paying any Management Allowance, whether or not asked to by their schools.  In these situations, Secretary is advising an emergency assimilation to appropriate TLRs, pending review of the structure in the light of these developments.  In other situations, where the cessation was known, those teachers are reaping the fruits of the NASUWT and ATL agreement to abolish management allowances and not to safeguard those who started their appointment after April 2004.  Let us not forget that these organisations signed up to agree with taking these allowances away from teachers.
  41. Safeguarding: chickens coming home to roost: When the RIG (Employers, NASUWT, ASCL, PAT, NAHT and ATL) came up with their "safeguarding" of management allowances, the Union called the scheme "punitive".  Local NASUWT officers objected!  Now we are seeing the effects - not only have the temporary management allowances disappeared, anyone who had a small allowance (such as an MA1 protected @ £1638 but who has since gone over the threshold or up the Upper Pay Spine, the combined value of cost-of-living increase and incremental progression comes to more than £1638 and the safeguarding stops.  As payroll sometimes did not realise it, and "overpaid", the hapless recipients are now being told to pay back the overpayments, from September.  Thank you, RIG.
  42. Section 188 notices: Badwell Ash, Bungay Primary School (1/11) - there is a volunteer, Cliff Lane (SSC), Hartismere High (withdrawn), Langer Primary, Leiston High School (3), Ringshall (2/6), Stradbroke and Whitton Green (2/11.2).  A proposal for Yoxford was quickly withdrawn.  The deadline for declarations for September is March 15th.  Secretary has written to all outstanding Section 188 situations requesting copies of the actual budget, received at the beginning of March.
  43. Domestic Violence Case: Suffolk County Council having failed even to acknowledge a complaint concerning the handling of a case of Domestic Violence on a member perpetrated by a colleague in the same school, the Secretary has submitted, on the member's behalf, a referral to the Commissioner for Standards in Local Government (the Ombudsman).
  44. Notschool: The charity running Notschool ("TheCademy") has refused to provide information to the Division concerning its agreement with Suffolk County and any funding the charity receives from public funds.  At the same time, TheCademy invoiced the Division for the sum of £25 for responding to the FoI request.  Secretary has referred both matters to the Information Commissioner. Our (and the public) interest concerns the fact that Suffolk County Council maintains that working for Notschool as a mentor (= on-line teacher) is not "teaching" as statutorily defined, and that Notschool does not provide sufficient money for Suffolk to pay its mentors on supply teacher rates. Commissioner has now responded saying that TheCademy is not required to comply with the FoI as it has not been specifically included in the list of education agencies covered by the act.  Secretary will seek to get TheCademy added to that list and will also approach the Charities Commission.  The Information Commissioner has, however, suggested that the Information we require could be obtained from Suffolk County Council. They say that they are having trouble with TheCademy's lawyers.
  45. greenblob JNC: Penny Cook is stepping down as JNC Convenor after the summer term JNC meeting.  The Teachers' Panel appointed Graham White to take over from Penny from September 1st.   EC is asked to consider appointment of the second NUT delegate to the JNC.  Secretary to nominate Paul Widdowson.
  46. AGM Agenda: Division Rules 2007.  Only change is the addition of the officer post of minuting secretary.
  47. blue dot AGM agenda: Plan of Work (dates of meetings):
    Meetings of the Division Council at 7pm and meetings of the Executive Committee on the same dates, at 5.30pm.
    • March 15th 2007   (AGM)
    • May 17th 2007
    • June 28th 2007
    • September 27th  2007
    • November 15th  2007
    • January 24th 2008
    • March 13th 2008
    • May 15th 2008
    • June 19th 2008
    Meetings of Secretaries, Treasurers and Membership Secretaries at 6.45 pm:
    • Thursday 5th July 2007
    • Thursday 3rd July 2008
  48. SCC Policy for schools on restraint has been published on the Suffolk NUT Website.  There have been a number of new incidents of "allegations" against staff which should properly be considered incidents of restraint.  Many headteachers are showing their ignorance of the policy and its implications for the recording and investigation of incidents where teachers have used physical interventions in accordance with the restraint policy and legislation.
  49. School Closures due to weather: Following criticism in the EADT, including from one Headteacher, Secretary wrote to the EADT Letters page pointing out that Heads have to decide whether to close or not by 07:30 and can only do so on the basis of forecasts and the information available at that time.
  50. The Secretary has requested that the on-line recruitment page on the NUT website is clearly marked as "secure", following doubts expressed by a potential member.  The page is secure, but does not actually say so.
  51. blue dotAdded to the Suffolk NUT Website: 50 things your mentor never told you or What is Unprofessional Conduct? - A4 version; The law on the Right to Search pupils.
  52. greenblobForm 430 has been completed and is ready to send to HQ together with copy of the Rules and the Annual Report after this AGM.
  53. Teacher Representative: Andrew Guite to report.
  54. Treasurer: See Treasurer's AGM report.
  55. greenblobConferences: Preparation for Easter Conference.
    Section D: Local Associations
  56. Bury St Edmunds & Sudbury Associations: joint general meeting on school reorganisation on 21st February at Westley Middle School. Secretary and Assistant Secretary attended the Celebration of Middle School on 10th March.

Date of next meeting: May 17th 2007


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