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Notes for May 2008

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Suffolk Division NUT

Division Council Meeting (18:30 - 21:00)


Thursday May 8th 2008

Venue: Belstead Brook Hotel, Ipswich

Apologies already recorded: Alan Wright, Paul Widdowson (Local Stakeholders' meeting SOR)

greenblob = Items involving expenditure blue dot = Items for Discussion/Decision

Section A: National with National Executive Report

  1. blue dot National Executive Report: Kendra Deacon has been invited.
  2. National Strike, April 24th: Questions and answer about taking strike action.
  3. National Strike: Local activities arrangedoutside Suffolk:

    Cambridge  @ Guildhall, Cambridge from 12 noon  Contact Jon Duveen 07773 778 062
    Chelmsford  @ 1.30  Contact Jerry Glazier  01702 207 780 (office) 0777478 2614

    Kings Lynn: West Norfolk and Downham and District local association have organised a drop in meeting to support those striking on 24th April. Come along between 9am and noon to the Family Room at the Farmers Arms, Knights Hill Hotel, King's Lynn. Tea and coffee will be provided.  
    Norwich: joint rally with UCU and PCS from 11am at The Forum in Norwich - please come along and join in to show your support for the FAIR PAY campaign.
    From 12.30 - 1.30 after the rally there will be a meeting open to all trades unionists, and speakers are invited from unions with members who work in any area of the public sector. The venue is Norwich Working Men's Club, Keir Hardy, St Gregory's Alley.
    Peterborough - Regional College , time tbc  Contact Andy Willis 0797 764 9375
    Stevenage -  Contact Frank Breheny 01582 410 621
    Wymondham: South Norfolk and Breckland are holding a drop in meeting at The Feathers, Wymondham from11am until 1pm.
  4. National Strike: Advice to members about effect on pensions published.
  5. Press Release: TEACHERS’ PAY: STRB REVIEW MECHANISM 15th April:

    Following the publication today of the March RPI figure of 3.8%, Christine Blower, Acting General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, Europe’s largest teachers’ organisation, has written to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) to call upon them to seek a remit from the Secretary of State to review teachers’ pay. As the 15th report of the STRB states, ‘…should the average rate of headline inflation for the twelve months preceding April 2007 (i.e. April 2006 to March 2007) or April 2008 (i.e. April 2007 to March 2008) fall below 1.75% or exceed 3.25%, any of the consultees can ask the STRB to consider the case for seeking a remit from the Secretary of State to review teachers’ pay” (STRB December 2005, paragraph 3.69, page 36).’

    Publication of the March RPI means that an average rate of inflation for the period April 2007 – March 2008 can now be determined. It stands at 4.1%, which is significantly in excess of the 3.25% ceiling specified by the STRB.

    In her letter to the STRB, Christine Blower said: “Three years of below-inflation pay awards for teachers are having a serious and adverse effect on recruitment and retention to the profession. Recent data from the Graduate Teacher Training Registry (GTTR) shows a significant fall in the number of applicants to postgraduate teacher training courses compared to the same time last year. 

    The GTTR’s applicant statistics for England show significant declines in a wide range of subjects including, for example:

    English                         -15.1%                                        Geography                          -18.7%
    Biology                         -18.1%                                        History                                 -13.3%
    French                          -12.0%                                        Information Technology    -18.5%
    Mathematics               -11.6%
    Business Studies       -20.1%

    The GTTR also reported significant falls in applications for primary courses.  In England there were 6.4 per cent fewer applicants for primary courses than at this time last year.  In Wales, there was a decline of 9.4 per cent in primary applications.”

    Christine Blower adds that “There is a continuing decline in the real pay levels of teachers. Today’s March figure only confirms the cuts in living standards that teachers are experiencing. Three years of below-inflation awards for teachers continues to have a damaging effect on teacher recruitment and retention, as the latest GTTR figures demonstrate. It is essential to halt this continued downward spiral.”
  6. Press Release: Steve Sinnott, commenting on the report of the School Food Trust, said: “Obviously junk food leads to obesity, but children’s hearts and minds have to be won in the battle for their health. It is schools which must make judgements on the organisation of their school lunchtimes.  Closing the school gates at lunchtime could simply mean that youngsters will flock to junk food outlets at the end of the school day.  I welcome the School Food Trust’s intentions, but we need to concentrate on providing healthy and attractive food at school lunchtimes and to giving space in the curriculum to learning about healthy eating and cooking. That way, youngsters will learn themselves to discriminate between good and bad food.”
  7. Commenting on the Governments proposed survey into the commercialisation of childhood, Christine Blower, Acting General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, Europe’s largest teaching union said: “Commercialisation seeps into all corners of children’s lives. The targeting of children with advertising ranging from fast food to designer clothes is relentlessly pursued by commercial companies.  The NUT’s own survey of young people, ‘Growing up in a Material World’, demonstrates precisely the insecurities created by the images and stereotypes promoted by manufacturers of designer goods. The survey shall be a signal from Government that it intends to tell companies to back off the hard sell when it comes to young people.  I0t is vital that the survey is used to consult teachers who have first hand experience of the consequences of commercialisation whether in terms of the effects on obesity, or bullying”.
  8. We have congratulated Kendra Deacon on her election to the National Executive and Penny has provided her with future dates of the Division Council meetings. We hope that she will be able to attend.
  9. Circulars from HQ, etc:  NB: You need to register and be logged on to the NUT E-mail website (password required) to access these circulars from the links below:
    08-086-O&A CONFERENCE 2009 - CARDIFF: NUT Annual Conference 2009 will be held at St David’s Hall in Cardiff from 10 to 14 April 2009. Phone number and internet site for bookings. The deadline for reservations will be 2 April 2009.
    08-085-CCU greenblob2008 COMPASS NATIONAL CONFERENCE: organised by the campaign group, Compass, entitled ’Born Free and Equa' from 9.45 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on Saturday, 14 June 2008 at the Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL.   Participants will debate how equality can be delivered in the 21st Century.  The Union is organising a seminar at the Conference on the theme of ‘How can we achieve a good local school for every child and for every community?’ from 11.15 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.  Speakers are Christine Blower, Jon Trickett MP, Professor Gus John and Melissa Benn.  Details on
    08-084-O&A greenblob INDUSTRIAL ACTION HARDSHIP FUND - confirming that Associations can pay assistance to members who struck, from general funds
    08-082-EEO NATIONAL UNION OF TEACHERS SURVEY 14-19 REFORMS AND 14-19 GATEWAY SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: advice and information for divisions in England on the summary of findings from a survey undertaken within schools/colleges involved in the 14-19 Diploma Gateway Consortia.  Two groups were compared, ‘senior management’ (head teachers, deputy head teachers and assistant head teachers) and main scale teachers / heads of department.  Also on Hearth at policyandinformation/education/secondary.
    08-080-M&C 'WORK TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO WORK - GETTING THE RIGHT BALANCE' YOUNG TEACHERS' CONFERENCE: Places are still available at the 2008 Young Teachers’ Conference. The deadline for applications has been extended to Monday, 19 May 2008
    08-079/EEO greenblob NICARAGUA: encouraging associations and divisions to support the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign in working to achieve education for all in Nicaragua.  The NSC’s education campaign aims to reach the Millennium Development Goal of primary education for all by 2015.
    08-078/M&C NATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMME - APRIL:  Two new courses:Casework for Local Officers: 12-14 May 2008 and Using ICT in Union Work: 11-13 June
    08-077/H&S blue dotNUT GUIDANCE ON SCHOOL VISITS: The guidance has been updated to include more detailed advice on planning for emergencies and to reflect changes in the licensing arrangements for adventure activities.  The HSE now has overall responsibility for the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004.  The Adventure Activities Licensing Service carries out inspections and issues licences on the HSE’s behalf.  It is expected that during the latter part of 2008, a ‘quality badge scheme’ will be introduced by the DCSF.  Organisations that host school visits, for example, farms and museums, will be encouraged to qualify for ‘quality badges’ which will assist teachers in identifying providers that offer high quality learning in a safe environment.Once this system is in operation, local officers will be notified and the Union’s ‘School Visits’ guidance will be further revised. Updated guidance on ‘School Visits’ is available on Hearth at the knowledge » professional » teachers' duty of care.
    08-076/E&EO GTC ELECTION RESULTS - ENGLAND: Names of those elected, including which are NUT members.
    08-075/E&EO NEW INDUCTION REGULATIONS FOR ENGLAND FROM SEPTEMBER 2008:  Changes to the induction arrangements for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in England, which will come into effect from September 2008.  Available on Hearth at The Knowledge >Professional > induction.  The Education (Induction Arrangements for School Teachers) (England) Regulations 2008 will replace the current regulations.  The new regulations can be accessed via   In summary, the new regulations will:
    • enable Further Education Institutions to host induction for NQTs if they wish, provided the institutions comply with regulations and guidance;
    • provide a clearer definition of the induction period for schools which do not operate the traditional three term year by counting the number of “school operating days” an NQT has completed;
    • allow the Appropriate Body (the body responsible for making the final decision on induction, usually the local authority)  to shorten the induction period in exceptional circumstances by up to 29 days;
    • allow the GTC(E) one extra day to communicate a decision on an appeal; and
    • remove the requirement to complete induction within five years of starting the induction period.

      New statutory guidance on induction to accompany these regulations is due to be issued early in the summer term. The Union’s guidance documents on induction 2008/09 will be updated to reflect the new arrangements.

    08-074/EEO PERMANENT EXCLUSIONS FROM ACADEMIES - FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS:  The NUT has lobbied to achieve some changes so that when Academies exclude pupils who have to be accommodated in LA schools, there are fair financial adjustments.
    08-073/E&EO  greenblob NATIONAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2008 5-6 July 2008 - REMINDER  Division to encourage delegates to attend.
    08-071/Sals RECONSTITUTION OF SOULBURY ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Division invited to nominate.
    08-070/Sup Survey - Retired Teachers Conference:  Questionnaire for Associations and Divisions to be returned by Friday, 30 May
    08-069/CCU greenblob Anti Academies Alliance:   Invitation to subscribe.
    08-068/CCU 2008 Annual Conference Resolutions:  Also available on national website.
    08-067/EEO Trust Schools:   The DCSF Trust Schools’ Toolkit has been updated.  The Toolkit includes a model letter for proposers to use to consult trade unions.  Information on trust schools is published on the website of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust at:  This includes the Trust Schools’ Toolkit which sets out guidance and information about trust schools, including in relation to consultation on trust schools proposals.  The documents can be accessed on Hearth at campaigns>trust school.
    08-066/CCU 24 April Strike:  - advice on effect on pensions
    08-065/CCU 24 April Strike:    List of materials and advice.
    08-064/CCU Steve Sinnott:    Advising that Steve's the funeral will be a private family affair.   The Union will be organising a memorial celebration of Steve's life and commitment to the Union later.  The family have would welcome donations in Steve’s memory to the following two charities:  ‘No More Landmines’ and ‘The Global Campaign for Education’. 

    No More Landmines:  Donations can be made by cheque, payable to No More Landmines and sent to No More Landmines, 4th Floor, Charles House, 375 Kensington High Street, London, W14 8QH.  Donations can also be made online at their website:  Please indicate that the donation is in memory of Steve. 

    Global Campaign for Education:  Donations should be made by cheque payable to ActionAid.  Donations should be marked, ideally on the envelope and also on a slip of paper enclosed with the cheque, with the reference GCE Steve Sinnott.  The address for donations is: ActionAid UK Supporter Services, Chataway House, Leach Road, Chard, Somerset, TA20 IFR.

    08-063/CCU Teachers Tv:  Teachers TV produced a tribute to Steve Sinnott.
    08-062/O&A National Pay Campaign:   Local initiatives
    08-061/EEO Ofsted School Inspection Update:   briefing document on OFSTED’s latest advice to schools and to inspectors, via its publication “Schools and Inspection” from the OFSTED website  NUT briefing available on Hearth at policy and information » education » inspections.
    08-060/SUP Boost To Pension Benefits For Teachers Undertaking Voluntary Service Overseas:  In particular, teachers and other public service workers in the United Kingdom, who take a career break to volunteer overseas, will benefit from a new £13 million scheme that maintains their pension record while volunteering overseas.  Teachers who volunteer with the Voluntary Service Overseas and similar organisations to work in developing countries do not currently get their pension contributions paid. Under a three year pilot scheme, the government will fund the employee and employer pension contributions to enable teachers to maintain their pension record while volunteering overseas.
    08-059/EEO LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM CARNIVAL:  The Love Music Hate Racism marked the 30th anniversary of the RAR/ANL carnival and procession with an event in Victoria Park on Sunday, 27 April 2008.
    08-057/CCU NATIONAL STRIKE:   Giving the results of the ballot and the decision of the National Executive to call a strike on 24th April.
    08-056/CCU BALLOT OF NUT MEMBERS WORKING IN FE COLLEGES:  Members will be asked to vote on both their willingness to take strike action and action short of a strike action.  These are the same questions that are being asked of UCU members.  Any subsequent action by the Union will be co-ordinated with UCU
    08-055/SALS NUT FUNDING SURVEY - REMINDER:  Survey responses requested from Divisions.
    08-054/EEO Send My Friend 2008 Campaign: The GCE UK ‘Send My Friend ‘08’ invites UK schools to take action and to urge politicians to speed up efforts to reach this goal.  Schools are being asked to create displays and to communicate with their MPs regarding what would be missed by missing out on education.  Free ‘Send My Friend ‘08’ materials and information regarding all aspects of the campaign can be found at 
    08-053/SUP CENTENARY OF THE 1908 OLD AGE PENSION ACT:  The National Pensioners’ Convention has issued a 16 page souvenir booklet on the campaign that led to the introduction of the State retirement pension.  It serves as a tribute to the pioneering campaigners and outlines the moral basis for a decent universal State pension.  Order form provided.
    08-052/O&A Executive Elections - 2008-2010: Results of the election.
    08-051/CoS SUPPLY TEACHERS: Action and advice re. supporting supply teachers and their conditions of service.
    08-050/EEO SCHOOL ORGANISATION AND REORGANISATION:  A suite of documents on school organisation and reorganisation have been placed on Hearth at policyandinformation>education>general.  They provide information and guidance to divisions in England covering:
    • An Analysis of the Different Types of School in England.
    • School Federation and Collaboration.
    • Admission Requirements as they Affect Different Types of School.
    • School Reorganisation and Competitions.
    • Academies.
    • Foundation Schools with Charitable Trusts.
    • The Academy, Trust, Aided and Community School Mix.
    08-049/CoS Work-Life Balance:  Guidance on Developing Policies for Schools’ is on Hearth at policyandinformation>conditions>familyissues to assist in the negotiation of work-life balance policies with employers. It includes information on:
    • arguments to use to support the introduction  of policies on work-life balance;
    • who is responsible for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of teachers;
    • the key aims of a work-life balance policy;
    • the position of head teachers, for whom work-life balance is equally important; and
    • statutory entitlements and NUT policy on work-life balance, as well as many examples of good practice extracted from local authority and school policies .
    08-048/M&C New Teachers Recruitment Materials 2008Text goes here Details of materials available to recruit NQTs and order for for Associations.
  10. From CASE: Casenotes, April 2008. Also greenblob request for payment of subscription for 2007 which appears to have been overlooked.
    Section B: Regional  
  1. Des Hart to report.
  2. Secretary attended a session at HQ on behalf of E Region to look at the design of websites for Associations and Divisions. 2 Divisions are doing a trial this term (Cardiff and Southwark) and then training for others will begin in August. The templates look excellent and domain addresses will be based on the national "Teachers" website + extention for /Ipswich or /Suffolk etc. No IT expertise will be required beyond familiarity with a normal web browser. Full user support and "asset" library will be available. All local websites will then become linked and part of a corporate NUT identity. Those with existing websites will be able to link to the old site and migrate whatever they wish over.   The current Suffolk NUT website is one of the oldest and largest and is well "spidered".  We could retain this site for archives, etc.   There will be a cost for setting up the new site, and of course, if maintaining the current web facilities, provided by Madasafish (Freenetname) as part of our broadband contract.
    Section C: Division
  3. blue dot Strike action - activities in Suffolk:

    Bury St Edmunds & West Suffolk

    Lobby and open forum with leafletting and video at The Athenaeum, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, 11:30 - 14:30.  Refreshments. The videos showing will include a tribute to Steve Sinnott.
    Ipswich and South Suffolk Meeting 11.00am Ipswich Town Hall steps to leaflet and petition
    Rally 11.30am onwards  Ipswich Borough Social Club, Black Horse Lane, Ipswich. Speakers from NUT and PCS, UCU and FBU.  Download map.
    Lowestoft and Waveney Leafleting the public from 12:00 to 14:00 in the Britten Centre, Lowestoft
    Meeting to report back on response and ideas for follow-up.
  4. blue dotHardship Funds - check that all associations are operating, and informing members of procedure to donate or to claim.
  5. blue dotSchool Reorganisation ( SWISS): Head of Chantry High attended the April JNC meeting and answered questions on the proposals.  Summary of points made:
      All staff "will have the opportunity" to work in SWISS.  AR suggested that this would continue in the future, not just be an initial arrangement.  Those staff would be employed at and padi by the 11-16 school but the SWISS centre would commission their services and pay the donor school back.
      The intention of the participating schools is that the SWISS centre will be a separate school with an independent governing body and separate "principal", but in participation with the other partner schools
      The Centre is "likely to be" a foundation (i.e. "Trust") school, which AR and the Authority say is still an "authority" school, but one where the links with business are stronger.  Trust schools also need a major "sponsor" - this is not named as yet.
      Very vague answers about whether Diploma courses for the 14-16 age range will take place in the "host" 11-16 schools - "it will be up to the individual schools" - this again suggests that concentrating on the post 16 provision is likely to mean that the all important KS4 alternative to GCSEs will be undersold and insufficiently staffed and provided for.
      The building is designed to accommodate 2000 post 16 students for a range of A, AS and Diplomas, plus possibly the International Baccalauret.  We remain sceptical about the capacity designed into the building for vocational skills diploma subjects post-16, and cannot see how very many 14-16 students can be accommodated for the same subjects in the same limited accommodation.
      It would not be "on big trust" incorporating all the partner schools - some schools would be part of a larger trust, but not necessarily all.  AR denied that this would lead to a two-tier system.
      The schools are already seeking to rationalise courses and work out timetables to "block" days for vocational specialist teaching, etc.
      AR spoke highly of the "inclusive" nature of SWISS, including accommodation for post-16 SEN (currently taught at Belstead Special School, where there will be great implications, including for staff, timetabling and transport.
  6. blue dotSOR - SCC Cabinet Decision for Lowestoft and Haverhill: Suffolk NUT has circulated all Middle and Upper/High School headteachers (copied to Reps) urging them to seek a federation to manage the staffing movements necessitated by the decision to close Middle Schools and create post-16 centres.  Secretary met with Phil Whiffing, SOR Project Lead, on 11th April to discuss this initiative.  The NUT Plans for Federation to avoid redundancy and chaos are published on the SOR pages of our website.  The  Lowestoft Journal took this up and quoted (May 5th) the Secretary repeating NUT policy of encouraging schools to federate to make it possible to oversee staffing redeployments in a planned and sustainable way.  This led to the EDP quoting a "Suffolk County Council spokesman" as saying: “It is not possible, nor should it be, for the county council to require schools to enter a partnership (federate). If schools decided federation is the best way for them to manage the transition, the county council would fully support them in that decision."   This break-through has been circulated by FAX to Reps in Middle and Upper-Highs, with the request that Heads are copied in.  Secretary is requesting from the LA that this is an official county council stance which will be published to the headteachers of the Middle and Upper/High Schools immediately (letter to Patrician O'Brien) .
  7. blue dotThe Authority has published the Analysis of Middle School Workforce Questionnaire.  This was only completed by about 1/3rd of staff surveyed, and some of these were anonymous.  Of those responding, 36% saw their future in primary, 33% in secondary, 5% in special and 31% "unsure of their future".   Only 6% indicated that they were considering retirement.  This is probably affected by NUT advice not to be too explicit to the Authority about retirement plans, especially if early retirement on the grounds of redundancy was a possibility for individuals.  Both teaching (including headteachers) and support staff groups were analysed separately.  There was a wide spread of training needs identified for the range of subjects, including a number of requests for retraining for vocational Subjects.  Secretary is pointing out to LA officers involved that federation would assist in identifying and delivering training needs as well.  Doubts as to the value of the analysis where 2/3rds of staff involved did not participate.
  8. SOR: Phases 2 and 3: MG is attending the local stakeholders' group meetings for the Forest Heath area.  Very little support there for sixth-form centres and nearly everyone wants to see 14-19 offerings in the 2 Upper Schools, although there is a move for another secondary school at Brandon.  The numbers do not support another 11-18 school, but the Church of England is lobbying for another CE Secondary (11-16) school inside the Bury, Cambridge, Ely triangle. Some discussion between NUT and the Diocesan representative concerning the nature of the Cof E's support for the closure of Middle Schools.  MG reminded him that the NUT had asked the faith representatives on the County Steering Group about this at the first meeting we had with them, some 2 years ago. given that several of the Middle schools were CE schools and the 11-16 schools would most probably not be.  The response was that the Catholics supported it - the CE remained quiet and is now concerned about what is happening.  St Felix Middle, for example, would disappear and there would be no CE secondary school in the Forest Heath area to change to.   I understand that the Church owns the land on which St Felix stands.
  9. blue dotTUC Lobby of Parliament, Monday 9th June as part of the "Speak up for Public Services" campaign. This will be preceded by a rally in Westminster Central Hall at 1 pm, with the lobby starting around 2.30 pm.    Some Secondary members may well be on activities week at that time.  Associations are asked to seek lobbyists who live in the appropriate constituencies:
    Michael Lord SE Suffolk Association
    Bob Blizzard Lowestoft Association
    John Gummer Waveney & Yoxford
    Chris Mole Ipswich
    David Ruffley Bury St Edmunds Association
    Richard Spring Bury St Edmunds or Sudbury
    Tim Yeo Sudbury Association
  10. Soulbury Forum: Meetings have taken place with the Advisory Teacher teams (learning support) to seek agreement to move to Soulbury pay and conditions.  There will be no loss of pay in such a move - all staff will gain.  But some will gain more than others.  The Authority wants the change because it avoids any potential equal pay claim, and the introduction of the SPA performance-related points gives Soulbury staff access to three extra pay spine points, which are not available on the teacher's (AST) pay spine.   The Union is recommending acceptance, provided that some remaining anomalies can be overcome.  If accepted, the changes can be backdated to April 1st.   Soulbury Forum Meeting - April 17th agreed some final amendments.  Next meeting is same day as Division Council - May 8th.
  11. County Music Service: In August 2007, only the NUT challenged the legality of a proposal by SCC to create a single pay scale for qualified and unqualified teachers in the CMS.  The Authority failed to provide any legal opinion which indicated that the NUT stances was incorrect.  On 14th March 2008, the County Music Adviser wrote to all unions: "Whilst further enquiry as to the precise legal position is still under way, it is becoming very clear that it is unlikely that we will be able to proceed with our original intention of changing the Terms and Conditions of Service of staff in the CMS, certainly in the near future."
  12. Section 188 Declarations: Received from Grundisburgh (-2) and Abbots Hall (-2).   NUT has responded to the Abbots Hall suggested criteria for selection, many of which could not be considered from the evidence available from the anonymised pro forma.  Abbotts Hall has been resolved by voluntary means.
  13. Local Forum for Staff who work with Vulnerable Children: The inaugural meeting was held on Wednesday 19th March at Endeavour House. Present: Keith Anderson (NASUWT), Leo Flatters (from Strategic Centre, responsible for Children's homes, Residential Special Schools, etc.), John Gregg (Chair, Assistant Director for Vulnerable Children), Martin Goold (NUT), Barbara Robinson (NUT).
    • Draft terms of reference agreed in the meeting for ratification by those representatives/unions not present:  "To consult and negotiate, with a view to reaching local agreements, on all matters affecting professionals working with vulnerable children in all areas of the County COuncil's remit, including where appropriate staff employed by other agencies where their services are commissioned by the Children's Delivery Agency/County Council.  The Forum will report to the CYP Staff Forum via draft/adopted minutes as available.  The Forum may decide to refer items to the CYP Staff Forum for resolution and/or ratification."
    • Membership on the staff side would be a representative from each of: ATL, ASCL, CYWU/UNITE, NASUWT,NAHT, NUT, UCU, UNISON, VOICE/PAT.
    • Future agenda items identified:
      1) Diagram/Flow Chart of existing services to Vulnerable Children identifying provision and employees involved. John Gregg to deal with this.
      2) Training Needs (and related topics such as paid leave to attend training sessions)
      3) Safe Practice Advice, Guidance and information/training for employees.
    • A date for the next meeting was set, but has not been confirmed.
    Complaints Procedures: Still no progress or response from the Authority.
  15. Up-date to Disciplinary, Grievance and Capability procedures: Jane Sheat told the JNC that it was still on the "to-do" list, but that recent changes to the disputes resolution legislation had held up drafting new versions of the policies.
  16. blue dotDomestic Violence:  (a) The Corporate Policy Document: Another meeting was held in April to seek to finalise the document to go to the next Partnership Board.  NUT urging publication and circulation, even if not all training, contacts lists, etc, are ready.  Publicity launch due in November.
  17. blue dotDomestic Violence (b): Policy for Schools: Working Party still awaited.
  18. Intimate Care: Working party still awaited.
  19. Colneis and Fairfield: The head of Fairfield will be the head of the federated two schools.
  20. blue dotTeachers' Travel Scheme: A meeting was eventually held to write up the existing travel scheme for teachers, as it had never actually been written down anywhere!  Secretary met with Jane Sheat and Sandy Ranson (because of her management of EOTAS travel claims).  JNC accepted the draft with some minor amendments re. motor cycles.  Talks continue on the EOTAS element, where the LA wants to create a "base" for journeys where people live a long way from the area where they mostly work.
  21. Sick-pay for EOTAS and regular supply teachers: Final wording still awaited.  However, casework has obtained concessions that supply and EOTAS tutors should be paid sick pay if they have a regular commitment (i.e. virtually on timetable, or implied contract).
  22. blue dotFacilities Time - need to allocate time to Division and (see below) Association Representatives + NUT time for Penny Cook as JNC minute taker.
  23. Teacher Representative Report ( Andrew Guite)
  24. Health and Safety: (Alan Wright - apologies as is in France).
  25. greenblob Treasurer: Paul Brewerton to report
  26. Conferences, etc.   To receive conference reports from associations and individual delegates.
    Section D: Local Associations
  27. Bury St Edmunds: the new secreteary of BSE Association will be Linda Rutter of Howard Middle School. 
  28. blue dotFacility time for Margaret Bulaitis, Graham White, Paul Widdowson to be agreed (Association Secretaries working in Schools).
  29. Congratulations to Paul Widdowson, in-coming secretary of Waveney & Yoxford Association who has been elected councillor for St Margarets Ward, Lowestoft.

Date of next meeting: June 26th 2008


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