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Notes for Division Annual General Meeting: November 2nd 2006

[Previous meeting (September 2006)]


Suffolk Division NUT
Executive Committee (17:30 - 18:30)
and DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING (19:00 - 21:00)

The Orwell Room, Belstead Brook Hotel

Thursday November 2nd 2006

Apologies already recorded: For EC only:   Peter Dunnett. For Council / Both: Andy Royall, Roger Mackay.


greenblob = Items for Executive Committee blue dot = Items for Division Council

Section A: National with National Executive Report

blue dot Report from Glenys Shepherd.

  1. Executive News 128
  2. NUT News 20: Teachers' Workload - "No significant change"
  3. Press Release: Commenting on the Education Department's response to the House of Commons Education Select Committee report on special educational needs, Steve Sinnott, NUT General Secretary, said: "Teachers will be relieved that they are not to face yet another upheaval of special educational needs. But they do want to see a new strategy so that there is better co-ordination of the various providers of education and support to pupils with special needs and a continuing key role for special schools.  These children need properly organised provision from specifically trained teachers and support staff. Gimmicks, such as relying on private sponsorship, should be rejected by the Government instead of building them into the scheme.  I welcome the Government's commitment on professions development. But it is not sufficient simply to offer accredited training to staff filling the role of SEN co-ordinators. If high quality provision is to be made for this vulnerable group of pupils, all co-ordinators must
    be qualified teachers first and foremost."

    Circulars from HQ, etc:
  4. 06-179-M&C - HEALTH AND SAFETY ADVISERS’ BRIEFING – 29TH NOVEMBER – 1ST DECEMBER 2006: Secretary still awaiting a response from the member approached with a view to becoming H&S Adviser.
  5. 06-178- SALS - NUT GUIDANCE ON TEACHERS’ PAY: 3 new documents on HEARTH

    (1), ‘From MAs to TLRs: What’s Happening in Autumn 2006, gives advice on a range of current issues of concern in relation to implementation of TLRs.  It gives advice on casework issues in schools where TLRs have been implemented, in particular in relation to safeguarding.  It also considers casework issues arising in those schools which have published but not yet implemented structures.  Finally it advises on situations where schools are seeking to revise their recently agreed structures further.

      (2), ‘From MAs to TLRs: Safeguarding, is an updated version of the NUT guidance issued with NUT Circular 06-055/Sals dated 27 March 2006.  It includes advice in particular in respect of the NUT’s victory in persuading the Government to allow restoration of safeguarding following the termination of temporary promotions.
      (3) The third document; ‘Pay Safeguarding for Teachers: NUT Guidance, is an updated version of the NUT’s guidance on all aspects of safeguarding, including general safeguarding and safeguarding for other purposes, again issued with NUT Circular 06-055/Sals dated 27 March 2006.  It updates the earlier document on a similar basis.
  6. 06-177-M&C - DATE OF DIVISION SECRETARIES’ BRIEFING 2007: Wednesday, 10 to Friday, 12 October 2007
  7. 06-176-M&C - NEW MEMBERS’ NEWSLETTER a model newsletter aimed at new NUT members which can be adapted by local associations for local use.
  8. 06-175-M&C - VALUATION OF THE CAMPAIGN TO RECRUIT NEW TEACHERS 2006 - Associations to complete and return.
  9. 06-174-CCU - END CHILD POVERTY CAMPAIGN: Information on the End Child Poverty campaign can be found at The campaign website includes an online petition, through which messages can be sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer urging him to devote the £4 billion needed to meet the 2010 target of halving child poverty in the UK. These messages should be sent by 20 November 2006.
  10. 06-173-SALS - HOUSING ASSISTANCE FOR TEACHERS (AMENDMENT to 06-168) - adding details for Wales
  11. 06-172-CCU - PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT REGULATIONS 2006 AND RIG GUIDANCE: a power point presentation which summarises the Regulations and Government’s Rewards and Incentives Group (RIG) guidance, the NUT’s position and the steps the Union intends to take.
  12. 06-171-CCU - NUT SUPPORT FOR "KEEP THE NHS WORKING" CAMPAIGN: the new regulations are published following "consultation", where no changes were made - what a surprise!
  15. 06-168-SALS - HOUSING ASSISTANCE FOR TEACHERS: details of the various forms of housing assistance available to teachers in England and Wales
  17. 06-165-H&S - EUROPEAN HEALTH AND SAFETY WEEK 2006 – 23 TO 27 OCTOBER 2006
  18. 06-164-H&S - ERGONOMICS FOR TEACHERS: NUT briefing: Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.  It is about achieving the best possible match between people, the things they do, the objects they use and the environments in which they live and work.  Unsatisfactory or a lack of attention to ergonomics in a school can result in unacceptable safety risks for staff, pupils and visitors.  There is evidence to suggest that poor classroom surroundings can hinder the development of a positive learning environment – and with it, pupil progress.The recent finding that 75 per cent of teachers complain of back problems necessitates close examination of the causes of back pain and other muscular skeletal disorders (MSDs) amongst the school workforce.
  20. 06-162-EEO - EDUCATION REVIEW: Bury St Edmunds Assoc is buying copies for the training schools, LA library bases, etc.
  21. 06-166-H&S - HEALTH AND SAFETY ESCALATION PROCEDURES: copied to the LA. Union "model" approach: Somerset County Council began to develop its escalation procedure through a recognition that its existing system for providing support for schools and securing their compliance with health and safety legislation was not without its shortcomings.  In particular, following the introduction of local management of schools (LMS), there had been, on occasion, a lack of clarity with regard to who was responsible for what in health and safety terms.  It was felt that what was needed was a clearer and more structured system in which the authority could offer a more pro-active form of health and safety support to its schools and other learning environments.
  23. 06-160-EEO - SCHOOL STANDARDS GRANT (PERSONALISED): NEW FUNDING ARRANGEMENTS FOR PERSONALISED LEARNING: Full briefing.  Additional funding has been made available by Government to support the personalisation of learning in and beyond the school day.  This is separate from the funding to support personalised learning which is included in the School Standards Grant currently.  Briefing for discussions with Local Authority. Also the NUT Response to the review of teaching and learning in 2020.
  24. greenblobFrom CASE : request for renewal of subscription, cost £20 (actually due in June, apparently).
    Section B: Regional
  25. Sally Sibley of Leiston Middle School has been nominated to attend the Regional Special Needs Sub-Committee.
  26. Tony Dooley has been nominated to represent the Region at the Union's Disability Working Party.
  27. Action report.
    Section C: Division
  28. SCC Financial Cuts for 2007-8: TUs were called to a meeting on 24th October where the Chief Executive and Jane Storey (portfolio for finance, etc) reported on proposals to make a further cut of £21.8m with a projected loss of a further 135 full-time equivalent posts.  The CYPD share of these cuts is £4.4m "savings" and an "indicative" figure of a 44 FTE job losses.  This is all over and above the cuts made this year. Section 188 notices were to be published immediately, allowing for redundancies to take place as soon as February 2007 (i.e. still within the current financial year).  The schools budget cannot be touched, so the axe is falling on the "controllable" budget where £4.4m represents a 6% cut.  The proposals seek to make further "savings" from efficiency but of major concern is the proposal to save £330,000 by removing all central LA budget support for the Performing Arts.  This will inevitably affect the 2 remaining PA centres (the Seagull having been closed this summer) and the County Music Service. The proposals state (Source, CYP06/22, Annex 1)): "The performing arts service will be reviewed so that it is supported by government grants and fees and charges alone, and not by the county council's main budgets".  "Performing arts education will continue to be part of the school curriculum  However, additional services will be reduced so there will be fewer children able to learn to play musical instruments.  Extra curricula opportunities will be dependent on government grant funding of parental contributions."  The affect on staffing is "to be quantified", but the paper adds: "Potentially a large number of staff on part time and term-time only contracts" will be at risk of redundancy.  There are several meetings being set up to report to staff, but the Unions have not been invited.  NUT is inviting itself to those specifically for PAC staff.  Secretary is in touch with all NUT CMS staff. Division representatives are attending a series of meetings with CMS/Performing Arts staff.
  29. A joint TU statement on the cuts was issued on 25th October at the time of the SCC press conference.  A single Section 188 notice was issued on 26th October, but the NUT (and no doubt other unions) will not accept this notice as valid because it fails to provide the number of staff in each area of SCC work affected.  It certainly cannot be deemed to apply to anyone on teachers' pay and conditions and refers to the revised redundancy terms for those in Local Government service.
  30. Secretary prepared an Autumn Briefing for distribution to members via local association secretaries, sent 4/10/6: Topics Performance Management; Age Discrimination Law;Upper Pay Spine;PPA and Workload;Action on Re-structuring; Industrial Injury Successes,
  31. blue dotStrike action over TLRs at King Edward VI Upper School, Bury St Edmunds.  Report from Alan Williams.
  32. blue dotSchool Organisation Review: meeting with policy development panel on November 1st. NUT was one of only 2 unions who submitted a report before the deadline, but little or no recognition in the consultation report. The results of the consultation exercise are fairly inconclusive but there is enough "vox pop" evidence to support the suppression of Middle Schools. NUT argued for joined-up approach with 14-19 schemes, currently "on hold", and a policy for new build presented as a whole-county strategy of renewal, not just a change away from 3-tiers. We also warned of "planning blight" - demoralisation is already evidence amongst Middle School staff, who see it as the end of an era, rather than the dawn of another. ISSUES CONSIDERED BY PDP
      • Performance against National Standard
      • Performance against Similar Counties
      • Differences in Performance between 2 Tier and 3 Tier
      • Analysis of Ofsted Reports
      • Two Year Key Stage 3 CurriculuM
      • Measures to address School Improvement
      • Evidence on Performance from other 3 Tier Authorities
      • Effect of Transfer between Schools
      • School Size
      • Pupil Mobility


      • Contextual Issues ( Demography, Surplus Places, Sources of Capital: Building Schools for the Future (BSF) and Primary Capital Programme (PCP)
      • Revenue
      • Capital
      • Transportation


      • Admissions
      • Demography
      • Early Years
      • Extended Schools
      • Every Child Matters – Integrated Services
      • Environmental Impact
      • Human Resources
      • Pastoral Care
      • Vulnerable Children
      • Special Education Provision

    4. 14-19 STRATEGY

    • Context
      • Suffolk 14-19 Strategy
    • Key Issues
      • Extending breadth and choice
      • Information advice and guidance;
      • Implications of the entitlement to specialised diplomas by 2013;
      • Accessibility
      • Raising participation
      • Ensuring high quality learning
      • Offering value for money
      • Sustainability


      • Main Consultation
      • Learner Consultation
      • Conclusions/Implications


      • Criteria/Principles
      • Issues raised during Consultation
      • Arguments for Change
      • Evaluation of Specific Options
      • Risk Assessment
        • Standards – failure to improve
        • Affordability 
        • Recruitment and Retention
        • BSF and PCP
        • Lack of support for review outcomes
        • Damage to reputation
        • Management of change
  33. greenblobPerformance Management: Local NUT Training: First session to take place in W Area on November 3rd, at King Edward VI Upper School, Bury St Edmunds.  Chris Grant attending from RO and Christine Blower, Deputy General Secretary also attending.  
  34. greenblobDomestic Violence Policies for Schools and Employees: NUT has submitted various papers to the CYPD who have agreed to set up a working party to produce policy documents.  Re. an existing case where a teacher was the victim of domestic violence perpetrated by another teacher (in the same school) the Secretary has lodged a complaint with the relevant CYPD Area Director alleging corporate failure on the part of the school, governors and county council to respond appropriately to the victim's disclosures.  This is because the victim was sent a letter threatening action for bringing the school into disrepute, whereas the perpetrator's actions were not even investigated.  The LA has now found an excellent policy which was already in force within the Social Care part of the CYPD, which laid down what was expected of line managers when dealing with disclosure of Domestic Violence by employees, and about employees.  The Secretary is expecting the County Council to treat the complaint seriously and to investigate why the school's and governors' response was so at variance with existing good practice guidance available within the County Council.
  35. Soulbury Forum: the inaugural meeting of the Suffolk Soulbury Forum took place on 30th October.    The staff side was represented by the NUT, AEP and ASPECT.  The Authority was represented by Libby Wragg, Philip Snowdon, and Janet Wellings (Advisory Service).  However, they then realised the Soulbury covers other workers, including AEPs where management was not represented.  This was a steep learning curve, because of the 10 year refusal by Education Personnel to set up proper Soulbury local machinery.  Discussion was limited on this occasion to (1) need to review salary situation for Advisory Teachers and others where some are on AST (Teacher's pay scales) and others on Soulbury.  Very little proper job evaluation had taken place and the employers could not demonstrate equal pay for work of equal value. (2) The specific catalyst for this particular meeting was the need to implement the national agreement for Soulbury Officers to apply for a third Structured Professional Assessment.  It emerged that there was a large variation of practice as far as the first 2 SPAs are concerned (supposed to have been available since 2001) and there was not a great deal of consistency re. "standards" for the award of these discretionary points.  Not everyone in the Authority was aware of the actual details, as they affected each of the Soulbury groups.  Agreed to seek to find advice from other areas, and the Unions, on building a consistent and fair bank of standards against which to judge whether an officer has met the required criteria for an SPA award.  Authority worried, of course, about the cost of these awards, which have the effect of extending officers' maximum points on the Soulbury Scale and this may now erode and overtake differentials of line managers.
  36. Assimilation of AST posts to a new, shorter scaleThis has had to take place, but at least one Advisory Teacher has now lost her extra point on the scale, agreed from 2000, in recognition of particular extra responsibilities.  The Soulbury Forum agreed that it would be the appropriate body to review the situation and to seek to restore parity between staff doing similar work whether on Teachers' (AST) or Soulbury pay rates.  Next meeting fixed for 14th December.
  37. JNC Meeting, October 11th.  Graham White reports:
    • School organisation review – no decision taken yet
      BUT 5 options open – no change (this is not an option now)
                                       - all two tier
                                       - all three tier
                                       - new two tier e.g. 4-14 14-19
                                       - all through multi site

      Public consultation Document – analysis of responses (Jill Gunter).
      Overall: - more against changing 3 tier i.e. retain 3 tier.
                   - most respondents were 3 tier
                   - of those who wanted change 74% favoured 2 tier (4-11  11-18)
    • Teacher recruitment
        Suffolk does better than regional mean
        QTS in primary and secondary going up
        QTS in middle static
        Age profile of teaching force 51-60 biggest 35%?
    • Learner support review
        Review ends Dec 2006
        Implementation by April 2007
      Review questionnaire being sent out by Jane Sheat and P. Snowdon to all JNC in Oct/Nov
    • P&P leave. Jane agreed to new wording (Jan 06).  Clarification is unlikely to be sent out.
      Absence policy ratified.
    • Facility time – JNC re-iterated it’s view that basic principles do not change.  Convenor had already sent our discussions/views from last term.  JNC wrote new wording to be put into Partnership board ‘Facilities Agreement’.
    • Vulnerable Children Review – Alan Cadzow will come to next meeting.
    • PPA and Facility time – Jane will clarify guidance to schools.  They should all have PPA. Individual casework to pick up problems.
    • Salary Sacrifice Schemes – good idea.  SCC supportive.
    • CRB – new rules.  All staff will have to be CRB checked.  Some staff haven’t because they were not needed before.  All schools need to keep records of when CRB checked. 
  38. blue dotSCC Absence Policy for Schools: JNC agreed to the addition of 2 clauses to the model SCC policy published on the Schools Portal.
    6 ..... Where an employee is absent for a substantial period as a result of such an incident or accident at work  this should be reported specifically to the Area Education Office, as it may give rise to an entitlement to industrial injury benefits in addition to sickness pay

    Private and Personal Business: The normal expectation is that employees will conduct personal business outside the times they are required for work.  There may, exceptionally, be times when an employee requires special leave for urgent personal business, e.g. legal or similar appointments or when personal affairs such as moving house cannot be arranged during school closure periods.  Headteachers should be delegated to authorise discretionary time off for this purpose.  Provided that it appears to the headteacher that the business is urgent and cannot reasonably be postponed and conducted during school holidays, it is recommended that, as a matter of goodwill, the first day or two days would normally be with pay.

  39. One Middle School in the N Area has been found to have defaulted on its duty to produce a full management restructure plan by December 31st 2005, and the Union is demanding immediate publication of a new structure, implementation plan and consultation process. This school created 5 Assistant Headship posts, and 2 new TLR posts for SMT functions, but has made no provision for subject coordination.  When 9 staff left in August, including most coordinators, there was no provision for TLR posts for subject coordinators, so teachers were appointed on main scale.  The school is now running virtually without subject coordination.  Two temporary Management Allowance posts for subject coordination expired on 31st October 2006, and no arrangements are in place to enable even this existing coordination to continue.   Secretary is requiring the head, governors and LA to put matters right immediately and to ensure subject coordination is restored by Christmas, with appropriate TLR payments and non-teaching time.  The Union won a no-detriment case at this school last term and was assured that all subject coordinators would have 3 PPA periods + at least one further period for Management and Leadership.  It could be that the Head is trying to make this re-bound on the Union, but at what cost to her school?!
  40. Ipswich Borough Council has announced its intention to bid for unitary status and assume responsibility for services operated by the County Council, for schools, etc., within the borough.  The Secretary is intending to write an open letter to the Council, copied to the press, pointing out the changes which have happened in education since Ipswich was last an education authority (1972) and offering to support the move in principle if the council can show how it will improve educational provision for the pupils of Ipswich without disadvantaging the rest of the county and if they will undertake to restore such things as EBD residential provision and the Teachers' Centre, as well as provide the full range of support and advisory services, which we will itemise.  We would also invite them to pledge to maintain the Performing Arts Centres, perhaps "selling" their services to the rest of the County.
  41. Calendar:
    9 Oct 06 Extra WAMG meeting 21 February 2007 JNC Teachers' Panel
    10 Oct 06 Extra meeting of Partnership Forum employee's side; Graham attending 28 February 2007 CYPD Staff Forum
    11 Oct 06 Full JNC; Graham attending 7 March 2007 Full JNC
    31 Oct 06 Meeting with SCC on budget 2007-8    
    1 Nov 06 TUs meet with School Organisation Review PDP 15 March 2007 Division EC and AGM
    2 Nov 06 Division EC and Council 20 March 2007 Partnership Board
    8 Nov 06 CYPD Staff Forum 17 May 2007 Division EC and Council
    29 Nov 06 JNC Teachers' Panel 23 May 2007 JNC Teachers' Panel
    1 Dec 06 Partnership Board 13 June 2007 Full JNC
    13 Dec 06 Full JNC 28 June 2007 Division EC and Council
  42. Teacher Representative: Andrew Guite to report.
  43. Treasurer: Have we paid our subscription to CASE?
  44. Conferences: Graham White attended the Division Secretaries' briefing course, and has briefed the Secretary on returm.
    Section D: Local Associations
  45. blue dotAssociations to report on NQ/NA recruitment.

Date of next meeting: January 25th 2007


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