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Notes for Division Meeting November 2007

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Suffolk Division NUT


Holiday Inn, London Road , IPSWICH

Thursday November 15th 2007

Apologies already recorded: Paul Brewerton, Andrew Rowe, Graham White.

greenblob = Items involving expenditure decisions blue dot = Items for Discussion/Decision

Section A: National with National Executive Report

  1. blue dot National Executive Report
  2. Executive News 137
  3. blue dot National Pay Campaign: Letter from General Secretary, TES Good Questions, Members' Leaflet Sept 2007, Powerpoint presentation, Model local advertisement. Leaflets, posters, stickers, mats.

    Circulars from HQ, etc:
  4. 07-171-M&C - DATE OF DIVISION SECRETARIES’ BRIEFING 2008: Wednesday, 8 to Friday, 10 October 2008.
  5. 07-170-EEO - A CONSULTATIVE CONFERENCE ON FAITH SCHOOLS: Friday, 23 November, from 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., at NUT Headquarters
  6. blue dot 07-169-CCU - POLITICAL FUND CAMPAIGN
  7. 07-167-SALS - ACADEMIES: NUT MODEL AGREEMENT ON UNION RECOGNITION AND MACHINERY FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION: NUT model agreement for use by divisions in discussions with Academy employers on the establishment of formal trade union recognition and machinery for consultation and negotiation on employment matters.
  8. blue dot 07-166-EEO - THE NATIONAL BLACK BOYS CAN ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE: arrived too late to circulate for participants.
  9. 07-165-M&C - DATE FOR THE YOUNG TEACHERS' CONFERENCE 2008: Stoke Rochford Hall, Friday, 6 June to Sunday, 8 June.
  10. 07-163-CCU - ACTIVITIES ON DAYS OF INDUSTRIAL ACTION:  Guidance for when members are involved in industrial action.  Seeks to enhance the solidarity of action. Also advice relating to picketing where members are involved in disputes. On HEARTH.
  12. blue dot 07-160-M&C - EVALUATION OF THE CAMPAIGN TO RECRUIT NEW TEACHERS 2007: Survey of Local Association views.
  13. 07-159-SALS - JNC FOR TEACHERS IN RESIDENTIAL ESTABLISHMENTS:  The JNC for Teachers in Residential Establishments (JNCTRE) has agreed to align the pay and conditions of service of JNCTRE teachers with those of mainstream school teachers on a formal basis. The pay and conditions of service provisions for teachers employed in residential children’s services establishments and teachers employed in residential special schools will be the same as those set out in the STPCD and the Burgundy Book except as otherwise provided for by the JNCTRE.  Details on Hearth.
  15. 07-157-CCU - END CHILD POVERTY CAMPAIGN - MONTH OF ACTION:  from 17 October, which is World Poverty Day, until Universal Children’s Day on 20 November.  Again arrive too late to organise for the early events.
  16. 07-156-EEO - NUT CPD FOR USE BY NQTs, TOGETHER WITH THEIR INDUCTION TUTORS/MENTORS – 9 NOVEMBER 2007: circular dated 16th October - no time to circulate to NQTs. blue dot Recruitment possibilities.
  17. 07-155-H&S - EUROPEAN HEALTH AND SAFETY WEEK 2007: 22-26 OCTOBER 2007
  18. blue dot 07-154-CCU - NUT/NAHT PROTOCOL ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION: A significant bilateral agreement on the avoidance of disputes has been reached between the NAHT and the NUT. The Protocol – Avoidance of Disputes, can be used if all parties agree, to resolve disputes of a collective nature between members of the NUT and individual schools where the head teacher is a member of the NAHT.
  19. 07-153-EEO - LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: NUT supporting a website and education resources to promote diversity and anti-racism through music education.  More on .
  20. 07-152-O&A - NATIONAL OFFICERS’ ELECTIONS: 2008-2010 (AMENDMENT): Change of address for the Independent Scrutineer: Popularis Ltd, 6 De Montfort Mews, Leicester, LE1 7EU.
  21. 07-151-H&S - TEACHER MENTAL HEALTH WORKING PARTY: Report. This is the WP that Tony Dooley had applied for.

    The Executive agreed that the following people would be chosen to serve on the Mental Health Working Party: Mike Harris, Rhondda-Cynon-Taf Primary;John Billing,  Nottingham Primary (retired); Susan Jones, Liverpool, Supply; Miriam Murch, Bradford, Secondary; Marion Wilson, Mid Essex, Secondary (retired); Vin Wynne, Northumberland/Blythe, Middle; and Executive members Helen Andrews, Simon Jones, Mick Lerry, Tony Tonks.


    Existing NUT documents which the Working Party considered at its 9 July meeting are listed below and can be viewed on Hearth as follows:

    • Teachers and Schools: A Study of Organisational Health and Stress. (Research carried out on behalf of the NUT by Tom Cox et al., University of Nottingham).  ‘the knowledge>employment>health and safety>working environment>school environment’).
  22. blue dotgreenblob 07-150-EEO - NUT LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANS TEACHERS’ CONFERENCE, 9th-10th November.
  23. 07-149-M&C - NEW MEMBERS' NEWSLETTER: A model newsletter aimed at new NUT members can be found on Hearth at workshop»templates»newsletters.  The newsletter can be adapted for local use.
  24. 07-148-O&A - NATIONAL OFFICERS' ELECTIONS: 2008-2010
  25. 07-147-EEO - THE INAUGURAL ANTHONY WALKER MEMORIAL LECTURE: Anthony Walker was a Black British A level student from Huyton, Merseyside, a churchgoer and a keen basketball player.  He was brutally murdered in a racially motivated attack on 30 July 2005.  The crime shocked Anthony’s community, as well as the people of Liverpool, and gained widespread national publicity.  The perpetrators were brought to justice and received lengthy prison sentences.  The NUT in partnership with Anthony Walker Foundation is instituting an annual memorial lecture in the name of Anthony Walker.  It is intended that the lecture will coincide with Black History Month every October.  Invitations to attend circulated.
  26. 07-146-SUP - NATIONAL PENSIONERS' CONVENTION - LOBBY OF PARLIAMENT: WEDNESDAY 24 OCTOBER 2007: Mark Slater attended, from BSE Association.
  27. blue dot 07-145-O&A - ELECTION FOR NATIONAL EXECUTIVE MEMBERS: 2008-2010 Graham White is standing.
  29. From TSN: Nominations requested for Biennial elections for members of the National Council of Teacher Support Network- to be received by 7th January.
    Section B: Regional  
  30. Suffolk Division Report to ERC on 10th November.
  31. Regional Office Report available at the meeting (on green).
    Section C: Division
  32. blue dot SCC Budget 2008-9: Preliminary meeting held on 30th October.  Headline news is more cuts and savings: CYP expected to save just under another £3m, of which £1.2m is expected to be found from "Securing the Future" strategies.  This will include between 19 and 26.5 fte job losses, of which 11.5 would come from "delivery agencies" and posts outside the Strategic Centre.   Some inevitable growth is required in the CYP budget as a result of 8 extra teaching days in the financial year 2008-9.  Spending review indicative budget expected end of Oct/beginning of Dec.
  33. Facility Time, Division.  The Division's allocation has risen to 250 as part of a general up-lift for all facility time, given the large rise in meetings and forums, etc.  Suffolk NUT is pointing out that it has 1000 more members than the nearest rival, and would expect therefore to have more time than the others.
  34. blue dot Creating an Ipswich Division :    Letter from SE Suffolk NUT concerning some "boundary" questions.  Secretary replying that, in essence, it would be better for teachers employed by Ipswich BC to be in the new Ipswich Division and those who are currently in Ipswich Association but will be staying in Suffolk LA (e.g. East Bergholt, Kesgrave, etc) should transfer to SE Suffolk Association.
  35. Facilities time for transition arrangements for a Unitary Ipswich.  The Division can offer Ipswich Association at least another 10 facility days to help set up and begin consultation with IBC implementation group.
  36. blue dotStarting consultation with Ipswich BC: Secretary contacted Tracey Lee with a view to setting up initial talks with IBC. A meeting took place on 19th October at Grafton House.  Still early days.  NUT urging a shadow consultation group to be set up as soon as possible - should be left to Ipswich NUT to organise . Consisted mainly of a (not very clear or inspiring) PP Presentation.  TU involvement looked conspicuously "tagged on" for this purpose, rather than in anyway an organic part of the process of implementation.
  37. blue dot Lowestoft Reorganisation: Following the full response to the current Lowestoft Proposals towards the end of the "stakeholder consultation process", Secretary has prepared a shorter version for members and, later, the press, pointing out the lack of any 14-19 solutions in the main option or 2 variations proposed, as a Lowestoft Reorganisation Briefing. Lowestoft Association has been very active in publishing the NUT objections to the 11-16 plan.  Peter Byatt has issued press releases and appeared on Beach Radio and Radio Suffolk. Lowestoft Association are publishing our policy in the form of a half-page advertisement in the Waveney Advertiser (a free paper circulated to all households in the Lowestoft area).
  38. blue dot Haverhill Reorganisation: A similar circular has been sent to Haverhill schools. 
  39. blue dot Campaign against 11-16 schools: All our SOR responses, from 2005 onwards, have underlined the need for there to be a continuum 14-19 and that the organisation of secondary education, plus use of Building Schools for the Future money, should be concentrating on how best to deliver the 14-19 entitlement curriculum from 2013 onwards (phased in from 2008).   This has been totally ignored throughout and the LA is now proposing to set up sixth form centres in Ipswich, Lowestoft and Haverhill, creating 11-16 schools where there are 11-18 or 13-18 schools.   So when the Middle Schools in Lowestoft close, the 3 13-18 schools will become 11-16 schools with the FE college and new sixth-form college taking students post 16.  This was never made clear in the original proposals, although the NUT had consistently warned that this was going to happen.  The Suffolk NUT website now has an interactive page where members (and others) in these Upper/High schools in Lowestoft and Haverhill can express their preference - 11-16 or 11-18.   Our concern is that 40% of Yr 10 pupils, possibly more, will desert 11-16 schools and cross over to the FE sector early, where they will be able to access the full range of Diploma courses, vocational or otherwise.   Secretary submitted a statement to the County Stakeholders' meeting of 1st November.  This is being copied to the new stakeholder meetings being held in the W and N area this term (the Newmarket one is not until next term, and the N Area dates have still not been published).
  40. CYP Consultation: The NASUWT is insisting that the WAMG stays as a separate forum.  The CYP had previously reached a consensus that the WAMG would be incorporated into a new School Staff Forum which would deal with all issues common to teaching and support staff in schools.  This would also preserve the independent identity of the Teachers' JNC.  The NASUWT got this consensus overturned in a WAMG meeting after MG had had to leave.  MG had been providing the joint secretaryship for the CYP forum and we had got it going pretty efficiently.  However, MG has now resigned from this position in protest at the inability of the TU side to keep to its previous decisions, and the insistence of the NASUWT on re-opening the independent WAMG issue.  Secretary also objecting to being accused by the NASUWT of "cynically" engineering a move against the WAMG.  In fact, MG was faithfully pursuing the policy previously agreed by all, except NASUWT.  CYP now has to find someone else to do the CYP coordination.
  41. blue dot Pupils and knives: The Authority is devising some guidance(rather than a model policy in deference to DCSF policy) on School Behaviour Policies which takes forward somewhat the question of how to approach the "right to search" and the attitude of the police to requests for assistance from schools.  This is still doing the rounds internally at Endeavour House.  Secretary is making representations where we feel there can be improvements at the drafting stage. CYP Meeting requested copies of the draft to be circulated straight away.  Guidance required urgently in schools.  Point has been made that there needs to be total agreement between school policy and police response.
  42. Born to be Great: Still not circulated.  Secretary requests assistance with this.
  43. County Music Service: The meeting due to be held on 1st October was cancelled with zero notice by the LA.  So no opportunity as yet to discuss the  NUT Response to LA Proposals on CMS Pay and Conditions.   Raised at CYP but no progress.  None of the other organisations have said anything at all about the proposal to pay CMS teachers with QTS less than in the School teachers Pay and Conditions Document.  Only the NUT has put in any formal objection, and indeed a warning that we take this as breach of contract.
  44. Adult Tutors:  Following a meeting on 1st October with Andrea Wilkinson standing in for the Chief Executive, it was agreed that termination letters would not be sent out that week.  New talks arranged.
  45. blue dot Secretary has provided advice for members on Intimate Care on the website.  It is not a teacher's responsibility to deal with children who soil themselves.  Schools must have a policy on Intimate Care and this advice addresses the issue for members.   CYP forum received a report from the NUT on the current LA Policy (which took some rooting out) and responses re. training in intimate care.  Secretary prepared a report to the CYP Forum meeting of 14th October which summarised concerns, current LA policy and availability of training. The current policy is available from the DDA up-date to the schools SEN Folder, Appendix F.   CYP Forum agreed to set up a working party to review policy and training.
  46. Soulbury Forum:
      a) Work on SPA3 points, including procedure for applying and providing evidence, has been completed, but we are still awaiting a final printed version.  This is required urgently as people should be able to apply already.
      b) Forum is looking again at the possibility of transferring all Advisory Teachers to Soulbury Pay and Conditions to take advantage of the higher performance related pay levels now on offer with Soulbury (SPA 1-3).  The differences in pension entitlements are less than they used to be but still possibly significant for those ATs who intend to retire at age 60 (normal retirement rate in LG pensions being 65).  However, if the transfer to LG pension is made before 1st April 2008, the "rule of 85" will apply. LA has agreed to calculate the pension implications for all ATs in order for some decisions to be made.  Circular to Advisory Teachers explains.
  47. blue dot Proposal to "Federate" First Base Ipswich and Alderwood PRU.  This has been dropped after a concerted effort in defence of retaining FBI as an independent, fully-staff resource.  The NUT worded a joint statement to the LA.  A majority of the Management Boards of the 2 schools voted against federation.  Authority officers clearly disappointed about this and there could be further ramifications.
  48. Domestic Violence Policy.  The CC is picking this up and reviewing the 2004 Social Care policy as a corporate policy. Meeting with SCC person in charge on 8th October.   The JAR review picked up the lack of effective DV policies and support as one of the main areas for development for SCC, so there will, after all, be a policy emerging which will deal with both support for staff victims and a procedure for dealing with alleged staff perpetrators.  At the CYP meeting on 14th October, Secretary re-submitted a proposed DV policy for Schools.  The meeting agreed to set up a working party to take this forward and recommend a final version for approval by the CYP (or School Staff) Forum.  Vanessa Harvey-Samuel is leading for the Authority.  Secretary is still awaiting a response from VHS re. the complaint lodged over a year ago about the Area Office's handling of a domestic violence case involving a teacher victim and teacher perpetrator. 
  49. The interim outcome of the IDEA (Equality & Diversity) Peer Review is that SCC is to be awarded Level 2.
  50. Partnership Forum/Transformation: Most time taken up with information on the creation of the "Strategic Centre" which means reorganisation of SCC HQ.  Fewer, larger (and more highly paid?) jobs.  So far no actual redundancies reported. The "Transformation agenda" still feels very remote from schools, apart, perhaps from the discussions between SCC and IBC towards a Unitary Ipswich.  NUT is not attending all Transformation meetings at the present time because it is simply re-hashing information available elsewhere (a lot of it on COLIN).  Instead the NUT is pursuing StF, Unitary and Pathfinder issues which affect members via the CYP, School Staff Forum/WAMG or Soulbury Forums.
  51. Recruitment and Safe Practices Group met in August and October.  Biggest issue now arising is the introduction (Autumn 2008) of the Independent Safeguarding Authority.  Kala Nobbs of SCC is leading the CC's preparations to meet the challenge presented.  The ISA will be an umbrella organisation bringing together all the reporting and banning actions for employees, applicants and volunteers who have to be vetted in any way.  The CRB will continue as part of the ISA.  The GTC will report to ISA.  Headteachers will actually become liable to a criminal charge if they fail to undertake the appropriate checks before employing somebody.  The ISA has published some FAQs on ISA, re-published on our website. Implications lodged with the CYP Forum. 
  52. Confirmation from LA that Tana Mead has transferred temporarily to the W Area as Area HR Adviser (Schools) and Donna Phillips has been appointed as a full-time permanent Area HR Adviser in the Southern Area.
  53. Teacher Representative Report.
  54. Health and Safety: Alan Wright (BSE Association) has agreed to serve on the CYP H&S Safety Group, but the LA has not yet got round to getting a date for a meeting. 2 previous dates agreed came and went without a meeting being organised.
  55. greenblob Treasurer: Secretary has purchased a Maxtor 3200 Personal Storage device with 500 GB space to back-up all e-mail and NUT correspondence on a weekly basis.
  56. Conferences, etc :
    Section D: Local Associations
  57. blue dot Ipswich Association sponsored a Joint meeting with Ipswich TUC with main speaker Mark Serwotka on October 3rd.  Graham White represented the Division and spoke.  6pm, Robert cross Hall, Corn Exchange, Ipswich.
  58. blue dot NQ and NA recruitment, and functions - up-date.

Date of next meeting: January 24th 2008


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