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Previous meeting (June 2005)

Notes for Division Meeting: September 2005


Suffolk Division NUT
Executive Committee (17:30 - 18:30)
and DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING (19:00 - 21:00)

Thursday, September 29th 2005 Cornhill Suite, Belstead Brook Hotel, Ipswich

Apologies already recorded: For EC / Both: Peter Byatt, Regional Office, Graham White. For Council: None

u =Items for Executive Committee

=Items for Division Council¤

Section A: National with National Executive Report

¤ Report from Glenys Shepherd.

  1. EXECUTIVE NEWS - No.118 14 JULY 2005
  2. Executive News 117 July 2005
  3. NUT News 19: Pay, promotion, PPA and pensions: what else is there to worry about?
  4. NUT News no.18 Into Extra Time (in Wales)! For schools in Wales the period allowed to complete staffing structure reviews will be extended by a term to 31 March 2006.
  5. Press Release: Government changes to teachers' jobs will damage campaign on bad behaviour: Teachers' responsibility for the pastoral care of their pupils, including truancy andbad behaviour, are being undermined by Government changes, Britian's biggest teachers' organisation, the National Union of Teachers, warned today. In future, teachers will no longer be rewarded for taking on responsibility for pastoralcare, for example as heads of year. In addition, the Government is even attempting to have such work deleted from the list of teachers' duties. A fundamental change is taking place in the way schools are managed, with payments for additional responsibilities being replaced by Teaching and Learning Responsibility Payments. Excluded from these additional payments is responsibility for the personal and social education of children. The Government does not believe that pastoral work should fall to teachers. It says pastoral work will not be rewarded as the new system focuses on teaching and learning. The government's approach could be a disaster for schools' efforts to tackle unacceptable behaviour, truancy, bullying and other serious problems affecting young people's development. It will impact on the ability of schools to meet the needs of vulnerable children: to spot at an early stage the child who is being abused or who is dabbling in drugs andother damaging substances. The move is part of a Government scheme reorganising the management structure in schools. .... But pastoral work does not fit with the Government scheme. Indeed, in primary schools, the plan is inadequately funded to ensure that all those additional responsibilities currently undertaken by teachers can be rewarded in the future. Commenting, Steve Sinnott said: "The Government has highlighted its desire to improve young people's behaviour. It is keen to reduce truanting and prevent young people dropping out of education and becoming vulnerable to the temptations of the street, and possibly a life of criminality. It wants to see an end to bullying, to abuse of children, to underage drinking or drug taking and it wants to see the incidence of teenage pregnancy reduced. Yet this new scheme will set back those aims. Teachers who want a career in pastoral education now face a dead end. Pastoral care itself will be downgraded in the eyes of pupils, and particularly those for whom the need is greatest. The Government really needs to think this one over again. It has failed to recognise not just the effort and commitment of teachers involved in pastoral work but, more significantly, the importance of the link being made between learning and an underlying personal or social problem. It is that link which helps teachers spot the problem and get help to the child from the staff team within the school and agencies beyond the school which can prevent the problem deepening and having a long term incalculable impact on a young person's future. "
    Circulars from HQ, etc:
  6. u Form 18: Representation at Annual Conference 2006, Torquay
  9. 05-130-SALS - 2005 SCHOOL TEACHERS' PAY AND CONDITIONS DOCUMENT has been published. Available on:
    Summary of changes to pay and conditions since 2004 Document
    - new sets of pay scales which have effect from 1 September 2005 - 31 August 2006 have been incorporated (paragraphs 6.4, 17.3, 19.2, 30.1 and 40.1);
    - new three-year safeguarding arrangements for former holders of U4 and U5 are in place (paragraph 20);
    - management allowances may not be awarded after 31 December 2005 and safeguarding arrangements are in place which take effect from 1 January 2006 for former management allowance holders (paragraphs 23 and 24);
    - revised salary statements must be issued by 31 January 2006 to all holders of management allowances;
    - teaching and learning responsibility payments may be made from 1 January 2006, in accordance with the relevant body's pay policy and staffing structure, and safeguarding arrangements are also in place for these (paragraphs 25 and 26);
    - members of the leadership group and ASTs who will or may have their salaries reduced as a result of an internal reorganisation are subject to safeguarding and must receive notification within a month of determination of the safeguarding to which they will be subject;
    - all safeguarding, except for teachers subject to general safeguarding arrangements who take up posts to which general safeguarding arrangements apply before 1 January 2006, is fixed-term for up to three years and is cash-based. This covers existing assimilation safeguarding, the Inner London Area Supplement and the Social Priority Allowance;
    - all teachers in receipt of safeguarding sums totalling more than £500 (except former U4/5 post holders) may be required to carry out work commensurate with those sums, and safeguarding will be lost if they unreasonably refuse to do so;
    - provision is made for the introduction of the Excellent Teacher Scheme from 1 September 2006; "
    - from 1 September 2005 unqualified teachers' pay points are permanent whether they remain in the same post or take up a new one. 10. In addition, the changes to the Document arising from the National Agreement on Raising Standards and Tackling Workload, which have not already come into effect in 2003 and 2004 are: " from 1 September 2005, all teachers will have guaranteed planning, preparation and assessment time (paragraphs 62, 65 and 70);.
    - from 1 September 2005 all heads will have dedicated headship time (paragraph 61);
    - from 1 September 2005, teachers will not be required to arrange or supervise public examinations (paragraph 73.10). Review of staffing structures - contextual information 11. Under the Education (Review of Staffing Structure) (England) Regulations 2005, in England all governing bodies (and LEAs of schools without delegated budgets and in respect of Pupil Referral Units) are required by 31 December 2005 to undertake a review of the staffing structure and to prepare a plan showing how any changes are to be implemented
  11. 05-127-CCU - CHILDREN'S FOOD BILL: UPDATE, and flyer.
  15. 05-123-O&A - EASTERN REGIONAL OFFICE: Eastern Regional Office opened in its new office premises at Elm House, Moulton Road, Kennett Park, Kenford, Suffolk, CB8 8GF on Monday, 8 August. The new telephone number for Elm House is 01638 555 300.
  19. 05-119-COS - FACILITIES TIME
  21. 05-117-E&EO - OFSTED INSPECTIONS 2005 - COMPLAINTS HELPLINE: from September 2005, of an OFSTED complaints helpline is available. The OFSTED complaints procedure, including the helpline, is available to download from Head teachers should continue to raise any concerns they might have with the Lead Inspector as early as possible. Where concerns are not resolved, however, schools will be able to contact a regional OFSTED helpline.
  22. ¤ 05-116-E&EO - CHILDREN'S WORKFORCE STRATEGY: The Union has submitted a comprehensive response to the Government consultation: "Children's Workforce Strategy", available on The Children's Workforce Strategy was launched for consultation on 1 April 2005. it sets out the Government's vision for the children's workforce and a number of local and national actions to be undertaken to achieve this vision. These include:

    - the establishment of local workforce strategies by local authorities in partnerships with Children's Trusts, to address in particular recruitment and retention and training issues;
    - the creation of a single qualifications framework, a "common core of skills and knowledge" and career 'framework' for all those working in the children's workforce;
    - the development of extended services and wrap-around services by schools;
    - new professional models for early years teachers; and
    - links with the school remodelling agenda in order to facilitate these changes.
    The Union's response focuses on the impact of the Strategy as it would affect education in Children's Centres, other early years settings and schools.
    Secretary has sent a copy of the Union's response to Director for Services to Children and Young People, Rosalind Turner.
  23. 05-115-M&C - NATIONAL TRAINING FOR LOCAL OFFICERS: SEPTEMBER 2005: Division Secretaries' Briefing (12-14 October 2005) and Health and Safety Advisors' Briefing (28-30th Nov) will be held at De Vere Hotel, Belton Woods, nr Grantham. Rest at Stoke Rochford.
  30. 05-108/SALS - PAY SAFEGUARDING FOR TEACHERS: News of the Government's partial re-think on safeguarding. Those who are subject to "General Safeguarding" in the past and up to December 31st 2005 will continue on permanent safeguarding.
  32. 05-106/H&S - HEALTH & SAFETY ADVISERS' BULLETIN NO. 75: also published on our website.
  33. 05-105-H&S - CAMERA MOBILE PHONES - HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUES: NUT advice and support re. banning camera phones, etc. because of risk of misuse for bullying, harassment and invasion of privacy.
  34. u 05-104-M&C - RECRUITMENT OF TEACHERS IN PRIVATE NURSERIES: request for information
  35. From Graham White, seeking nominations and support as a candidate for National Executive.
  36. From Ruth Knox of Liverpool NUT re. requests for support for members victimised in the Sacred Heart School. Secretary has sent message of support, including help with Industrial Injury matters. Reply received.
  37. u From CASE: request for £20 renewal of subscription. Sent to Treasurer for payment 4/7/5.
    Section B: Regional: Regional Office to report.
  38. ¤ New contact details for Regional Office: Eastern Region NUT Office, Elm House, Kennett Park, Moulton Road, Kentford, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8GF. Tel: 01638 555300. FAX: 01638 555330.
  39. ¤ Eastern Regional Report, Autumn 2005.
    Section C: Division / Executive Committee:
  40. ¤ Section 188 notice received from Roman Hill Middle School. Proposal is to reduce by 3 staff with effect from Easter 2006. Governors so resolved on 21st March 2005 (!) and 11th July 2005. Timetable only provides for "representations" and appeal (i.e. not 2 full hearings). NUT already involved in casework at the school.
  41. ¤ From SCC: Towards a Children's Trust for Suffolk: Consultation on a model for the integrated delivery of services to children and young people in Suffolk. Received 13/9/5, responses required by 7th October! Copies + the consultations questions available on (See national NUT comments above)
  42. ¤ TLRs: No call as yet for follow-up courses or for those who did not attend last term. Instead, intention is for local caseworkers to attend schools and speak to members or staff -some heads are asking for the NUT to do this, because they are aware that NAHT and NASUWT were party to the proposals! Secretary to report verbally on current situation. New section of the Suffolk NUT Website giving full information on TLRs and re-structuring, including a ready-reckoner for loss of salary, suggested letters to heads re. consultation on re-structuring and TLR Consultation Briefing for all members. See also local WAMG report below.
  43. ¤ Workforce Remodelling Meeting, 28th September 2005: Chickens coming home to roost? Headteachers had a presentation on 27th from NAHT. It is dawning on heads, and NASUWT/ATL, that they have created a monster. AA musing on whether the STP&CD provisions are legal, re.clash with current employment loaw - potential for constructive dismissal cases. Also, Secretary suggested that where posts were effectively being made redundant, should there be Section 188 notices? AA said that DfES have said not, but up to the NUT to challenge. In any case, SCC would not fund any redundancy settlements arising from re-structuring. Main concern is re. the smaller allowances (MA1) for one-person departments, but where the school will expect the same work as before to continue, without an allowance. NAHT rep said that this would bring Middles and Upper/Highs more into line with Primaries, where staff have not had any pay recognition for being in charge of a subject. Hidden intention of the RIG proposals?
  44. u Suffolk NUT Circular to Reps on the failure of some schools to undertake reviews for Upper Pay Spine Progression.
  45. School Budget Balances: Suffolk CC recommends that each individual school should have a carry forward of £20,000 + 5%. If all schools did this, there would be currently £22m in school reserves in Suffolk. In fact, there is on £17.7m in reserves and just 20 schools with large reserves account for most of that £17.7m. The vast majority of schools have nowhere near the recommended level of reserves; there has been a huge increase in the number of schools operating a licensed deficit; many more anticipate a deficit or staffing cuts in order to balance next year's budget. Secretary is writing to the LEA to request further information.In local WAMG meeting, secretary pointed out to LEA officers that the EADT quoted LEA officers as saying that schools had enough money to meet PPA provisions. All agreed that this was not helpful.
  46. Bichard training for headteachers: All headteachers will have to be trained in safeguarding children when making appointments of staff, or else they will not be able to appoint, from March 2006. It seems that they only have to attend a course, or register to do the "test" on line on the DfES website.
  47. u Industrial Injury: The SCC policy on Industrial Injury in cases of stress, etc is now published on our website. Secretary has forwarded this to Liverpool NUT re. their dispute with the headteacher of the Sacred Heart school (see national).
  48. Workforce Remodelling: Local WAMG meeting on 28th September. There was also a meeting of the county consultation group which was originally all headteachers on 25th May.
    DW is retiring at Christmas; David Porter is taking over. WAMG to take on Exended Schools Agenda as well
    DW presented results of a survey of schools re. how they were managing PPA and how sustainable heads thought their arrangements were. 62% said PPA achieved by Teachers, 31% HLTA and 34% other TAs. No analysis as yet of how many use QTS only. 42% said that the Head was provided all or some of the cover.
    LEA has published a "politically sensitive" model letter for heads to send to parents if their pupils are going to be "taught" by TAs.
    Unions reported problems with PPA entitlement: re. no detriment, and interpreting the 10% (e.g. 22 periods out of 25=2.2 Guaranteed PPAs (?); definition of "teaching", e.g. registration is not teaching, but if it is a tutor period with, say, a PSHE curriculum content, it must be teaching. NRT vague about this! Also examples of Leadership & Management Time disappearing as PPA is introduced - should not happen because of the no detriment clauses. Some schools are not identifying the guaranteed PPA time on the published timetable, so staff are not sure which time is theirs. Some staff are still being asked to cover in their guaranteed time, because other cover is not available.
    TLRs - LEA feels that schools are moving away from the "Blank Sheet" approach as they realise the personnel implications, and cost of safeguarding, and possible action. Secretary not convinced. First drafts received adhere closely to the RIG methodology, storing up staff resentment.
    Confusion reigns on possibility of "fixed-term" TLRs: although the STP&CD and RIG documents forbid them, the DfES appear to be changing their minds and are giving mixed messages. It appears that they may be "task-related" and therefore have an end-date.
    Also confusion over use of honoraria, additional payments and R&R allowances, particularly as to whether any of these can be paid in addition to safeguarded sums. Interesting.
    Will have to be a new statement of salary from headteacher in January, to include any safeguarded sums. This is not straightforward. AA says that he thinks he understands the safeguarding arrangements and is thinking of holding training sessions for bursars, etc.
    WAMG assumes that the DfES will announce a new range of TLR max/min payments each year, and schools will have to consult each year on any changes to their own TLR values. Adverts from January will only refer to TLRs and must give actual values, if possible. Sideways moves could now entail a loss of pay, and perhaps equal pay claims.
    NUT has asked for consultation on fate of MAs in Travellers Education Service, County Music Service and PRUs.
  49. u The LEA has published its Risk Assessment form for transfer of pupils who have been excluded, etc. It is based on the NUT's own Risk Assessment form. We are beginning to see the first examples of the form actually being put to use and some teething troubles with heads, and LEA personnel, not following the process as written.
  50. Concerns have been expressed by members about the Rate Your Teacher website. This has been referred to HQ.
  51. Children's Food Bill: Results of correspondence with Secretary:
    From Bob Blizzard: As Parliamentary Private Secretary to a Minister, he is not able to sign any EDMs. (1). However, he will support the Children's Food Bill. Also extracts from questions by BB to Stephen Twigg on food hygiene eduction in schools and to Melanie Johnson on the cost to the NHS on dealing with illness related to obesity.
    From John Gummer I am grateful to you for drawing my attention to this and I will read the EDM in consideration of signing it.
    From Michael Lord As a Deputy Speaker I am unable to sign early day motions but I support wholeheartedly any measures that seek to ensure our young people eat a health y diet and I am delighted to see that the Bill has the full backing of your members who will play a crucial role if this Bill is to work.
    From Chris Mole: he has signed EDM 378 in support.
    From David Ruffley: At the last General Election, the Conservative Party .... called for an independent Commission for Public Health to be established to recommend evidence-based strategies to Government. We also promised to increase opportunities for sport and exercise in schools and in the community. Every child would have had access to two hours of after-school sport with qualified coaches. We would also have assisted schools in retaining and enhancing their sporting facilities. Now that Labour has been returned to Government, we shall continue to press them to adopt our proposals. The Children’s Food Bill was introduced by Debra Shipley in the 2003-04 Parliamentary Session, and without Government support fell at the Second Reading. Ms Shipley is no longer an MP, but I applaud the work she has done in highlighting the issue. I did, however, have concerns over some aspects of the Bill which was introduced. It is my view that voluntary, rather than statutory, solutions should be sought to address these problems, instead of simply reaching for the blunt instrument of legislation at the first opportunity. I also doubt that any such Bill introduced in this session will be successful, given that the Government failed to give it their support the last time it was brought forward. Nevertheless, I shall consider carefully whether to give a revised Children’s Food Bill my support. I do not sign that many EDMs because, in practice, they do not have that much effect. I prefer to raise matters directly with the relevant Government Minister. I have therefore passed your letter to the Education Secretary to ask for her response.
    Richard Spring No reply as yet
    Tim Yeo No reply as yet.
    Forwarded from Jacqui Smith (Schools Minister) by David Ruffley Dept is taking forward a number of initiatives to improve meal provision:
    - toughening up minimum school meal standards. An expert panel is considering how best to reduce pupils' sugar, salt and fat intake and increase consumption of fruit, veg and essential nutrients. The panel is being asked to strongly consider the introduction of nutrient based standards and to recommend whether certain foodstuffs should be restricted or banned. We want interim standards for processed food to be in place by September 2005 and final vesion in force from Sept 2006
    - extending school lunch standards to cover all food on school premises
    - proposals that well enable parents to work constructively with schools to improve quality of school meals
    - developing a new vocational qualification for school caterers.
    - new guidance to help schools and LEAs draw up catering contracts, tuck shops, etc.

    Secretary has asked the LEA whether there is any minimum standard in place this month.
    Response from LEA to statement from Jacqui Smithe We are still awaiting receipt of the interim standards and therefore have not provided any further information to schools. There is clearly potential for different interpretations of the phrase "we want interim standards place by September", and one of these could be that the government is aiming to publish those standards by the end of the month, not to have them in place in school menus. The latter was never really a possibility given the lack of lead-in time.
    The Catering service are not expecting the standards to be too different from the higher standards now being adopted in Suffolk. This is an important consideration, given the need to balance higher standards against the resulting added costs which, without a radical change in parent and pupil attitudes to school meals, could lead to major financial problems for schools in the future.
    The main focus currently is on the arrangements for utilising the two recently announced School Meals Grants, a part of which is intended to support the implementation of the standards during the next 12 months. We shall be writing to schools to announce these arrangements. One of the grants must be devolved by formula to each school, and we are putting initial suggestions to the next Schools Forum on how best to maximise the impact of this grant in Suffolk. Crucially the grants are time-limited and must, therefore, be used wisely to develop sustainable strategies.
    The LEA will circulate details of the new standards/grants to County Secretaries.
  52. u Casework: Notschool contracts. Suffolk LEA changed unilaterally contracts for Notschool mentors who were employed on temporary contracts, teachers' pay and conditions up to Dec 31st. 2004. LEA now claiming this is a non-teaching post and not subject to the STP&C document. Suffolk NUT has taken a case (Grievance) on behalf of one member as these mentors have to have QTS and their job description covers all aspects of "specified work" which is the legal definition of "teacher". LEA failed to consult with staff and unions or even to provide accurate information on the proposed changes to the contract. In our members' case, the change of contract led to a 32% drop in pay, but this was reduced to 27% after First hearing took place on 7th September. Outcome admitted that changes to contract had been poorly handled and they offered compensation. However, LEA still insisting that Notschool mentoring is not a teaching post and does not come under the STP&CD. Secretary referring the principle to HQ.
  53. ¤ OFSTED: Concern from Headteacher members re. the SEF (Self-Evaluation Form) and from the first school in Suffolk to receive notification this term of a new "Subject and suvey inspection". Message from John Bangs says that advice has gone to Membership and Communications and should be published shortly. Contact from one secondary school indicates that sixth-formers may be asked to comment on the work of their teachers to inform the SEF.
  54. ¤ Research Project: The role of the secondary SENCO in Suffolk: Letter from S Ransom re. research project by SENJIT (Special Educational Needs Joint Initiative for Training) to gain an "independent perspective on the workload issues" of the SEN Audit and to "look more comprehenesively at the SENCO role in the context of the Every Child Matters and Removing Barriers to Achievement documents." Research will involve "stakeholder questionnaires", telephone interviews and school visits.
  55. u Extended Schools: The NRT (National Remodelling Team) has been given responsibility for supporting LEAs in delivering the Extended Schools Agenda. This will eventually involve Social Care and Health, et al. The WAMG set up for remodelling is to take on advice and coordination of extended schools and there will be local groups set up. D Whittaker has set up one day's training for local WAMGs on 6th October 2005 at the Marriott Hotel, Ipswich. Secretary to attend to represent the NUT.
  56. Secretary has reminded the LEA of the need to up-date the advice booklet to schools on Allegations of abuse against members of staff. AA has agreed it needs up-dating and says that he will be review all the guidance in the Personnel Manual, to include Allegations. We are suggesting another working party to draft the up-date, using the expertise of those area personnel staff and the CP Coordinator.
  57. u NQT Campaign: NQT numbers appeared to be much lower this year but this now appears to be simply due to slowness in sending us the lists. A W and N Area list was received in time for postings for the first day of term, but had to be up-dated later. No S Area list was received before term began, much to the annoyance of Tony Dooley and Michael Sharman. Comments on this year's NQ pack are very favourable. Secretary and Regional Office attended NQT welcome functions.
  58. u Student Teacher Campaigns: Materials were delivered to all 49 Trainees on the Norfolk and Suffolk Secondary SCITT by Sharon Cozens on August 23rd (the first day of their training week). Secretary also contacted 35 GTTS starters and 6 overseas teachers direct, and informed Reps of the receiving schools. Recruitment "fairs" took place for the Primary SCITTs in Lowestoft and Ipswich PDCs and secretary has written to all Reps concerned.
  59. ¤ Membership Meeting, July 13th 2005 at Belstead Brook Hotel. Recommendations to Division are in e-h below:
    a) Membership Trends were analysed. The NUT continues to grow locally and membership is now just short of 3000 members in Suffolk. Market share has increased by 3%.
    b) Plans for NQ/NA activities were discussed and confirmed. Sudbury is to repeat the pyramid "drop in" events which they have found more successful than other events. W&Yox to hold a welcome function at Flixton Buck on 22nd Sept. Ipswich has an event arranged. Bury to hold a function with a meal included. Concern was expressed over late arrival of NQ lists and sometimes the absence of NA list (western area). It was agreed to seek a termly list of new appointments. We need to monitor vacancies and be ready to approach new appointees throughout the year.
    c) Student recruitment: Christine Lloyd will assist with keeping track and maintaining contact. Possibly a meeting with students towards end of the course. Issues like Make Poverty History campaign to be highlighted in literature to NQTs and students.
    d) Communications - the Reps' training was useful in identifying some Reps who were unknown. Secretary to distribute the list of attenders (not all of whom were Reps) to LA Secretaries. Need to make greater use of e-mail, etc. as FAX merge is not always reliable. Reps are key to recruitment, but are often situations where no one will take it on. Facility time would be helpful, but the LEA is not likely to agree. The facilties budget could be used to release reps and Secretaries, etc. for recruitment meetings, as the Reps' training this year was not covered by the facilities budget. More individuals need to be involved - not just in meetings but looking for a range of ways in which members can contribute to the work of the Union.
    e) Division Subscription: As income was still outstripping expenditure it was agreed that the Division Subscription for 2006 would be reduced to £3.00 per full member (£1.50 for part-time members).
    f) Common Local Association Fee: It was agreed to raise the Local Association Fee to £12.00 p.a. in response to the potential loss of income for associations due to changes to HQ grants.
    g) It was suggested that the cycle rate for travel should be 40p per mile, i.e. the same as for car travel. This would be put to the AGM.
    h) It was also clarified that, at each AGM, the amounts listed as the honoraria payable are those payable "for the year just ended". The Treasurer will therefore be asked to pay the agreed amounts to the recipients immediately after the AGM.¤ Decisions of the Membership Meeting will be reported as recommendations to the September 29th Meeting of Division for agreement (as the rates have to be applied from January 1st) and formally adopted by the AGM on March 2nd.
    i) Present were: Paul Brewerton (Chair), Penny Cook, Tony Dooley, Peter Dunnett, Martin Goold, Christine Lloyd, Roger Mackay, Kath More, Andy Royall, Graham White. Apologies from Rob Murray and Annie Pickess.
  60. Facilities Time: 53.5 days allocated on 24th June. As the TLR training was not met from facilities fund, we may be able to use the fund more liberally for other Union training up to April 2006.
  61. u Request from Ruth Campbell of SE Suffolk Association re. sponsorship for the Abel Santamaria School for visually imparied children in Havana, Cuba. SE Suffolk to consider sponsorship next month. EC/Council ask to consider sponsorship.
  62. "Honoraria" in School Pay Policies: Secretary has queried this with RO following such clauses appearing in some secondary draft salary policies. HQ's initial response is: that there is no provision in the STPCD explicitly authorising payment of "honoraria". Para 53 is inapplicable. The only means of making such payments would be through "stretching" the interpretation of para 54 (R&R incentives). The payments would be treated for all purposes in the same way as other R&R payments. However, there isn't any clause of this kind in the latest version of the RIG model pay policy.
  63. Press contacts: Several calls from EADT including on PPA which contained a quotation where T Beech of the NASUWT said PPA could be paid for from the supply budget. Secretary responded by letter to EADT, published 14/9/5. A longer article promised on school budgets and staffing situation.
  64. u Future venues: The SSPDC is available for our meetings on Nov 3rd 2005, January 26th 2006 and May 18th 2006. Rate for the room is £75 per session and there is the usual charge of £1 per person to cover tea & coffee. We would have to arrange for sandwiches separately.
  65. Improvements to the website: Some features of the Suffolk NUT website were not working properly. The Pico Search, Hit Counter, and Order form for publications have been restored to good working order. The Debates page (which uses facilities by Lycos) is full of advertising and will be replaced shortly.
  66. u Preparation for Conference Easter 2006: Form 18 to be completed. Accommodation.
  67. Health & Safety: Received from John Osborne, draft of LEA policy on Inclusion of Pupils with Disabilities or Challenging Behaviour on Education Visits.
    Section D: Local Associations
  68. Reports from Local Associations on NQT Recruitment and Newly-attached.
  69. Bury St Edmunds: From Suffolk LEA (W Area): Consultation document on proposed Catchment Areas in Stowmarket area to accommodate a new school at Cedars Park, opening in September 2006. To Peter Dunnett for action.

Date of next meeting: November 3rd 2005. Venue to be confirmed


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