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Notes for Division Annual General Meeting: September 28th 2006

[Previous meeting [June 2006)]


Suffolk Division NUT
Executive Committee (17:30 - 18:30)
and DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING (19:00 - 21:00)

The Brook Room, Belstead Brook Hotel

Thursday September 28th 2006

Apologies already recorded: For EC only: Andrew Guite. For Council / Both: Peter Byatt, Penny Cook (parents' evening); Sharon Cozens, Peter Dunnett, Alan Williams (governors' meeting).

At the beginning of the main meeting the President will ask for some moments silence in memory of John Osborne, member of this Division and our Health and Safety Adviser for some years, who died in July. The President and Secretary attended the funeral at the Ipswich Crematorium on behalf of the Division.

greenblob = Items for Executive Committee blue dot = Items for Division Council

Section A: National with National Executive Report

blue dot Report from Glenys Shepherd.

  1. EXECUTIVE NEWS 127 (available at the meeting)
  2. EXECUTIVE NEWS 126, 22 June 2006 (distributed with agenda)
  3. NUT News 18: New performance management regime - are you looking forward to it?
  4. NUT General Secretary Steve Sinnott moved the motion on the Education and Inspections Bill at the TUC. "Some children are unwanted - those who will depress a school's test results and league table position.  The creation of a group of unwanted children in our education system is immoral. "
  5. Press release: Steve Sinnott, General Secretary of Europe's biggest teachers' organisation, the NUT, Comments on the GCSE results published today (Thursday 24 August). "The results are a real cause for celebration. The fact that young people have done so well in English and mathematics rebuts ill-informed criticism from groups such as the CBI.  Within that overall welcome picture there is the depressing spectre of a massive drop in entries for modern foreign languages and a decline in geography and design and technology.  French, German, Spanish and Geography are world subjects which have helped promote Britain's place in the international economy.  Given Britain's lead in
    innovative design, the drop in entries for design and technology also gives cause for concern.  The Government must conduct a serious review of its stance on modern languages in the Key Stage 4 curriculum and examine how it should be promoting these subjects rather than presiding over their decline.

    Circulars from HQ, etc:
  6. 06-159-H&S - CAR MILEAGE ALLOWANCES 2006/07: the tax exempt rate remains at 40p.
  7. 06-158-EEO - REVISED DEFERRAL POLICY FOR OFSTED SCHOOL INSPECTIONS: justifications for requesting a deferral of an OFSTED inspection
  9. 06-156-H&S - NEW FIRE SAFETY LEGISLATION AS OF 1 OCTOBER 2006: As of 1 October 2006 the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997, which include schools in their scope, will be repealed and replaced by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  Fire certificates will be abolished and the emphasis will be on preventing fires and reducing risk.  Responsibility for complying with the Order rests with the the "employer", together with any other person or body who may have control of any part of the premises, for example governing bodies in schools.  In order to comply with the new Order ‘responsible persons’ need to carry out risk assessments.   Risk assessments are already required in schools under the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997.  Provided that schools are currently undertaking risk assessments, implementing appropriate preventative measures and reviewing them regularly, only a limited amount of revision of those assessments will be required to take account of the wider scope of the Order.
  10. blue dot06-155-EEO - OFSTED SCHOOL INSPECTIONS: ‘PROPORTIONATE’ INSPECTIONS:  From September 2006, OFSTED intends to develop a more ‘proportionate’ inspection system for maintained schools. This will affect schools judged by OFSTED to be “high achieving” and “underachieving”.  Schools which have not yet been inspected under the new Section 5 inspection arrangements and where OFSTED has identified “achievement is high, self evaluation is good and there is a good track record from the schools’ previous inspections” will receive a “reduced tariff of inspector days
  12. blue dot06-153-EEO - DEVELOPMENT IN PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT:  The Government has announced that school plans for implementing the 2006 Performance Management Regulations do not now have to be completed until 31 October 2007 for teachers, and 31 December 2007 for head teachers. This represents a significant achievement for the Union which has pressed consistently the Government to agree to such a delay.  The Government has yet to publish the final Regulations.  Divisions are advised to press their local authorities to delay any plans for training in Performance Management until they have:


    received the final Regulations;


    consulted all teachers’ associations, including the NUT;


    received the NUT’s advice on model school performance management policies and model classroom observation protocols.
    Secretary has written to the LA emphasising that the delay agreed by Government in requiring the implementation and Performance Management plans gives ample time for full consultation with all teachers’ organisations to produce more helpful guidelines to schools.
  13. 06-152-EEO - JUBILEE DEBT CAMPAIGN ‘CUT THE STRINGS’ CAMPAIGN (AMENDMENT): Members are asked to support the Jubilee Debt Campaign by accessing the internet site at and lobbying the Government in advance of their participation in the forthcoming meetings with the World Bank
  14. greenblob06-151-L&PS - ‘PUTTING A WRONG TO RIGHT: A CAMPAIGN TO SEEK FULL EMPLOYMENT PROTECTION RIGHTS FOR SUPPLY, PART-TIME AND OTHER TEACHERS’: The Executive has agreed to develop a campaign to seek full employment protection rights for those currently denied access to their employment rights, either because they are treated not as employees but as workers, or because they are issued with fixed term, supply or other contracts which are other than permanent.  Members in these categories, where identifiable, are being sent a questionnaire.
    • Green Light for New Asbestos Textured Coatings Regulations
    • Revised exposure limits
    • Smoke Free Premises and Vehicles Consultation
    • Work-Related Ill-Health in the UK 2005
    • PM Reaction to Mesothelioma Injustice
    • Compensation Bill – A Summary
    • Coroners Reform Bill
    • Violence
    • Voice Care
    • New Fire Regulations
    • European Health and Safety at Work Week, October 2006
    • Workplace Inspections Fall
    • New Seatbelt Laws
    • Corporate Manslaughter Bill
    • HSE ‘Healthy Workplace Solutions’ Workshops
    • New Law on Civil Liability
    • Safeguarding Children in a Digital World
    • DfES Plans to Rebuild/Refurbish Half of all Primary Schools
    • Tuberculosis and the BCG Vaccine
    • HSE Free Leaflets available in PDF Format
    • Backs! 2006
    • The Disability Equality Duty for the Public Sector
    • Recent NUT Health and Safety Circulars
    • NUT Safety Representatives’ Training Course
    • NUT Health and Safety Advisers’ Briefing
  17. greenblob06-148-EEO - NUT CONFERENCE ON PLAY – TIME TO PLAY?: forwarded to Ipswich Association following their recent resolution on Play.
  20. greenblob06-145-O&A - ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2007 – HARROGATE: Conference diary and forms for submission of motions.  Deadline for Motions, 15th November,
  23. greenblob06-142-EEO EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY FUND IN SUPPORT OF LEBANESE TEACHERS Education International members in Lebanon have requested solidarity assistance and humanitarian aid for Lebanese teachers and their families
  24. greenblob06-141-EEO NUT BLACK TEACHERS' CONFERENCE 2006
  25. greenblob06-140-M&C NUT HEALTH AND SAFETY ADVISERS' BRIEFING COURSE: 29 NOVEMBER -1 DECEMBER 2006. Secretary still to secure a H&S Successor to John.
  27. 06-138-SALS SCHOOL TEACHERS' PAY AND CONDITIONS DOCUMENT 2006. Details of the various changes and key points are set out in circulars 06-097/Sals, 06-136/Sals  and 06-137/Sals
  28. greenblob06-137-SALS 2006 SCHOOL TEACHERS' PAY AND CONDITIONS DOCUMENT: The 2006 Document contains a number of significant changes compared to the 2005 Document.  Some of these result from the Pay Order made in May 2006 which introduced, inter alia, provisions permitting teachers to take part in salary sacrifice arrangements and for assimilation of Advanced Skills Teachers to the new shorter AST pay spine.  Others result from the annual “technical consultation” on the provisions of the Document and include some important changes secured by the NUT that will be of benefit to teachers (Salary Sacrifice, AST assimilation and improvements to safeguarding arrangements for certain temporary promotions - all secured by the NUT).
  29. blue dot06-136-SALS - PROGRESSION ON THE UPPER PAY SCALE: SEPTEMBER 2006. A copy of the Guidance on UPS Progression 2006 for Reps and members has been posted on this web site.
  31. 06-134-COS - BSF UPDATE: COMMISSION FOR ARCHITECTURE AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT (CABE): Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) Assessment of the Design Quality of Secondary Schools Built in England Between 2000-2005
  32. blue dot06-133-H&S - NEW REGULATIONS ON CHILD CAR SEATS: From September 18, 2006, any child from their 3rd to their 12th birthday, or up to 135cm in height if this is reached sooner, must use a correct child restraint when travelling in the front seat and must use a child restraint if travelling in the back of a car, van or good vehicle.  Minibuses are exempt from these regulations so there is no need for schools to purchase booster seats or booster cushions for their vehicle.  Teachers who carry children between ages of 3 and 12, unless they are at least 135cm tall, whether they are their own children or pupils, in their own private vehicle, need to comply with the new regulations, which are summarised in the table set out below.


    Front Seat

    Rear Seat

    Who is responsible


    Seat belt MUST be worn if available



    Child up to 3 years

    Correct child restraint MUST be used

    Correct child restraint MUST be used.

    If one is not available in a taxi, then the child may travel unrestrained


    Child from 3rd birthday, up to either 135cms in height or 12 years old

    Correct child restraint MUST be used

    Where seat belts fitted, correct child restraints MUST be used

    MUST use adult belt if the correct child restraint is not available in three scenarios:

    • in a taxi;
    • over a short distance for reason of unexpected necessity;
    • two occupied child restraints prevent fitment of a third

    In addition, a child 3 and over may travel unrestrained in the rear seat of a vehicle if seat belts are not available.


    Child over 1.35 metres, or 12 to 13 years

    Seat belt MUST be worn if available

    Seat belt MUST be worn if available


    Adult passenger (i.e. 14 years and over)

    Seat belt MUST be worn if available

    Seat belt MUST be worn if available


    NUT Advice to members is not to volunteer to drive pupils in their cars at any time, except in a dire emergency.  If the parents are unable to transport their children, e.g. when the child misses the school bus or to a fixture, etc., then a taxi from a company used by the Authority for pupil transport should be used.
  33. greenblob06-132-SALS - SOULBURY: STRUCTURED PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENTS: Lodged with the LA as an agenda item for the first Soulbury forum meeting, being arranged for early October.
  39. greenblob 06-125-EEO - IS ACCESSIBILITY FOR DISABLED STUDENTS AND DISABLED TEACHERS IMPROVING IN YOUR AREA?: Requests a lot of detailed information which is only available from the LA.  Maybe an equal opportunities project for the Division?
  41. blue dot06-117-EEO - DfES's PROPOSALS FOR NEW REGULATIONS ON PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - TIMESCALE FOR IMPLEMENTATION: NUT pointing out the ridiculous timetable set by RIG and agreed by NASUWT and ATL, to draft, consult and obtain Governor clearance for a new Performance Management Policy by September 1st 2006!  The so-called national "consultation" on the proposals have still not ended! Secretary has sent  a circular outlining the Performance Management sell-out by the other unions, by FAX merge to all schools with registered FAX numbers.  Same circular dispatched to all schools' electronic mailboxes. Details reported in the June meeting.   See 06-153 above.
  42. 06-123-EEO - OFSTED INSPECTIONS UPDATE – MAY 2006: a detailed briefing on recent guidance to inspectors on OFSTED Section 5 inspections.
  45. blue dot06-114-EEO - TEN YEAR STRATEGY AND THE CHILD CARE BILL- NUT Briefing: The Childcare Bill is due to receive Royal Assent during the summer term. The NUT is concerned that Early Years Policy standards would undermine the need for qualified teachers in early years settings.  Andrew Adonis wrote to Baroness Walmsley on 10 May 2006, to clarify the Government’s position.   His letter said that:“the draft EYP standards therefore cover the 0 – 5 age range more comprehensively than do the QTS standards. Far from “dumbing down”, we are creating a cadre of highly skilled professionals focused specifically on the needs of young children. That is not, of course to downplay the very important role and impact of qualified teachers, but instead to recognise that there are alternative routes to becoming a highly skilled practitioner in child care and development….  Alongside EYPs, there continues to be a requirement for qualified teachers to lead professional practice.  .../...    In the longer term we want to move to a position where similar requirements for EYPs and qualified teachers apply to all settings.   We realise that this raises important issues which is why we have made clear in the ten year strategy action plan that we wish to stimulate a ’wider debate about the longer-term relationship between the EYP and qualified teacher roles’”.  The NUT remains concerned, therefore, that the role of qualified teachers may be undermined in early years settings. The Union will monitor the implementation of initiatives arising from the Ten Year Childcare Strategy and the Childcare Bill closely particularly where Nursery Schools are converted to Children’s Centres.
  46. greenblobCASE: Conference on 18th November: Sate Education, The End?
    Section B: Regional
  47. greenblobIan Browne has had to resign from the ER Special Sub-committee. Sally Sibley of Leiston Middle School has agreed to be nominated.
  48. blue dotThanks to Alan Williams for his work at King Edward VI Upper School (see below).
    Section C: Division
  49. greenblobEC asked to recommend donation to Cancer Research in memory of John Osborne.
  50. blue dotStrike action over TLRs at King Edward VI Upper School, Bury St Edmunds.  The first action took place on 11th July. The was much press, radio and TV coverage. The membership took action in support of half a dozen middle management members who are losing up to £5,000 per year from the Headteacher's proposals for restructuring, accepted by the Governors.  The Head says he is puzzled why his school had been "picked out": the reply is that his proposals were the most damaging to the greatest number of people, and the members showed solidarity.  Meetings with the Division Secretary had shown clear support for those most affected.  The Secretary has written to thank all the members who took action and promising further efforts to get the headteacher to make changes to his proposals.  If no satisfactory resolution is found, further action is planned for the Autumn term.   Regional Office issued a press release. Action was suspended on September 4th as there was sufficient movement from the headteacher to allow a suspension "in good faith" but pending further concessions. The 2 action days in September therefore did not take place while talks continued. Alan Williams hoping to reach a resolution shortly.
  51. blue dotSchool Organisation Review: The Secretary has submitted Suffolk NUT's response to the consultation document.  Full response published on website.  Has been released also to the local media.  Conclusions:
    1. There is no one structure that will meet the needs of all children of all ages in this County, given the long-standing existing provision and the need to provide the new entitlements at 14-19 in all 18 cluster areas of the county
    2. The County will continue to require a range of structures and institutions.  It may actually need to increase the number and range of different structures to suit the varying demands and population densities
    3. The existing structures below age 14 should be left as they are until the pattern of 14-19 provision becomes established for all Upper/High School clusters, and the effect of new build, such as the proposed 16-19 Centre for South and West Ipswich and South Suffolk, is known.
    4. In the meantime, the Authority could consider allowing some Middle Schools to evolve into KS3 Schools, where this does not conflict with plans for 14-19 provision, where there is scope for First School expansion and where the Upper School is able to mitigate potential staff reductions with growth in vocational and basic skills courses at KS4 and Sixth-form level, in a planned, phased way which will protect existing staff from the risk of redundancy.
    TUs invited to meet the Policy Development panel on November 1st.
  52. greenblobPerformance Management: Local NUT Training: We need to make plans to train our Representatives on the details and dangers of the PM Scheme.  Although statutory implementation has been delayed there is pressure from the RIG unions and Authority, plus some headteachers, to implement the original scheme as quickly as posssible - some headteachers welcome the new powers and the use of line managers to make pay decisions.  A recent letter to schools from the LA appears to be adhering to the original timetable.  RIG and WAMG are proceeding to train LA officers in the next few weeks.  Headteachers will be trained this term, too, if the Suffolk LA plans are implemented as informed.  NUT News 19 is advising all members and headteachers not to proceed until the final regulations are published - we still hope to make changes.  However, Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury Association are preparing to train their Reps on November 3rd.  We need to offer this training across all Association areas. The opportunity will be taken to use the time to tackle other burning issues, including re-structuring and PPA.
  53. blue dot Secretary has published on the website a memo on Guaranteed PPA, as more and more reports come in of heads attempting to move or remove "guaranteed PPA, under a variety of ruses. 
  54. greenblobThe NUT has lodged the matter of Domestic Violence Policies for Schools and Employees with the CYPD Forum.  The Authority acknowledges that there is currently no policy for schools where pupils are witnesses to domestic violence (The Secretary has submitted the NUT Advice "Silence is not always golden" for the CYPD to use as a basis for a Suffolk Domestic Violence Policy for schools.  The Secretary has also provided the Authority with copies of an excellent policy on Domestic Violence and Employment, from Devon and Cornwall which gives procedures and guidelines to managers in dealing with employees who are victims of domestic violence and also where the alleged perpetrator is an employee.  The NUT is suggesting that two separate, but cross-referenced, policies will be required.  The CYP Directorate has accepted the proposal and a working party will be set up shortly.
  55. Assimilation of AST posts to a new, shorter scale.  Secretary has published the AST assimilation chart on the website. This will have implications for Suffolk's Advisory Teachers.   Authority approached to seek a meeting to discuss effect on Advisory Teachers.  This may affect those advisory staff who chose to go on to Soulbury (or who were appointed to a Soulbury scale by default) but who now may be disadvantaged.
  56. blue dotSCC Absence Policy for Schools: JS has suggested some amendments to the Absence Policy in response to NUT Concerns:

      Where an employee is absent for a substantial period as a result of such an incident or accident at work  this should be reported specifically to the Area Education Office, as it may give rise to an entitlement to industrial injury benefits in addition to sickness pay.


    New Paragraph 16 on "Private and Personal Business"  The normal expectation is that employees will conduct personal business outside the times they are required for work.  There may, exceptionally, be times when an employee requires special leave for urgent personal business, e.g. legal or similar appointments or when personal affairs such as moving house cannot be arranged during school closure periods.  Headteachers should be delegated to authorise discretionary time off for this purpose.  Provided that it appears to the headteacher that the business is urgent and cannot reasonably be postponed and conducted during school holidays, it is recommended that, as a matter of goodwill, the first day or two days would normally be with pay.

  57. CYPD Appointments: John Gregg, Service Director (Vulnerable Children) has appointed his senior team following a recruitment process involving young people, stakeholders and formal panel interviews. These will take up their new duties from October 2006.
  58. Fire at Copleston: Secretary wrote to Laurie Robinson expressing the Union's sadness at the serious fire and offering assistance.
  59. greenblobNOTSCHOOL: Contracts for September 2005 have still not been issued and there remain unacceptable terms where the Authority is issuing contracts based on LG conditions, with a spot salary of teachers, M6, but for an on-line teaching job which is 6 days a week and no specific holiday entitlement!  Secretary has written to Judy Moorhouse re. NOTSCHOOL following an article in the GTC magazine - If NOTSCHOOL mentors are not deemed to be teachers (even though they all have to be qualified and experienced teachers) then they do not have to be members of the GTC and the LA will not refund their GTC fee if they choose to pay it.
  60. greenblobRecruitment: Sharon Cozens attended the Secondary SCITT lectures at UEA and distributed NUT materials.  Secretary, Graham White and Christine Lloyd attended the Primary SCITT presentations at the NSPDC (kept open for this) and in Ipswich (SSPDC was not available because of building work.  Secretary has written to all GTTP trainees and their school reps.  Associations to report on NQT recruitment. Graham is taking on responsibility for student recruitment in the 3 training schools.  Secretary ensured that the Authority had sufficient supplies of our NQT leaflet and HQ's "Really Useful Guide" to induction for the three NQT induction sessions in Suffolk this week.  Bury St Edmunds Association offered a meal to Reps, new teachers and partners at the Fox Inn, Bury St Edmunds, which was attended by about 18 people and was greatly enjoyed by all.
  61. County Council Partnership Arrangements: The first meeting of the Partnership Board took place on 4th September,  This is a high-powered gathering but has so far been largely a one-way process of the LA providing information.  There are problems making sure that decisions taken at CYPD or JNC are properly recorded and handed up to the Partnership Board.  Such things as the agreement to create a Soulbury Forum tend to get lost on the way. The first meeting was taken up mostly by business which did not affected NUT Members.  The exception was that Soulbury and other members on the Local Government Pension scheme will be caught in the worsening of redundancy compensation (see below).
  62. CYPD Forum: It was agreed that Penny Cook and Jane Sheat would be the joint secretariat for the JNC and they would ensure that JNC items and minutes were forwarded to CYPD agendas where required. Noted that closure of Seagull had occurred without further contact with the unions.
  63. blue dotLocal WAMG met on 13th September:
      Barry Darch is undertaking a research project on the implementation of the workforce remodelling agenda including a checklist approach to surveying schools (responses requested from headteachers, teaching and non-teaching staff) and collated by link advisers.  Seeking to identify both good practice and situations where staff are still doing "forbidden tasks".  Big question, of course, is how primary schools are "covering" PPA.  NUT pointed out that when a teacher has a PPA NTP this is not "cover" - it is a lesson that needs another teacher timetable to teach it.  We asked for changes in the wording of the survey questions.
      LA planning to roll out a programme of training for the new Performance Management regulations, despite warnings from the NUT that there will be further delays and no statutory regulations have yet been published.  Training & Development Agency is proceeding with their original timetable.
      LA "Guidance for Schools working with Cover Supervisors" is being published and circulated. NUT pointed out that Teachers should not be expected to undertake Appraisal Reviews of Cover Supervisors (the Guidance says "Put arrangements in place for (cover Supervisors/) Performance Management.  Also the Guidance says: "Teachers will have to know what is expected of them when leaving work for cover supervisors."  The NUT made it clear that teachers should only leave the same kind of notes and instructions which would be provided to a supply teacher.
  64. blue dotRisk Assessment Group met on 20th September: LA admitted one year's delay in rolling out the Risk Assessment tool for pupils transferring from other schools and settings (this is based on the Suffolk NUT's risk assessment for children with a history of violence).  The Inclusion coordinators and LA officers were training in July 2005, and have implemented the RA for all management moves and re-integration after exclusion handled by Area Offices.  There is a great need to ensure that this is extended to schools, so that schools receiving pupils from outside "mid-year transfers", get a full picture of any risks that need to be addressed. An NUT proposal that the categories on the risk assessment form should be linked to incidents reported on incident report forms was accepted, as was the idea of placing the existence of this tool and requirement for training on Governors' agendas in the Spring of 2007.  This meeting was also attended by Claire McCullough of Schoolsafe.  They also have a risk assessment form, designed to help with behaviour strategies for pupils actually on roll.  Agreed that both types of assessment were needed and both were fit for purpose.  Guidance to schools would explain the proper use of both.  The meeting also addressed Risks in work experience and began to appreciated the need to address the extended schools agenda.  The training for Headteacher or other SMT member would include input from Schoolsafe in an attempt to get a joined up approach to risk assessment, duty of care, behaviour policies, restraint, reporting incidents and tracking for managed moves, exclusions, etc.
  65. blue dotIndustrial Injury: The two members who had lodged an industrial injury claim (because the LA/School had not conceded) have won their case.  In one (N Area) the Authority advised the school to accept the claim when they saw the evidence collated by the Union.  In the second, the Industrial Injury panel (achieved by NUT Negotiation) was set up for the first time, and despite a vigorous rejection from the school, found for the member.  As a result, these members had 100 days of half pay restored to 6 months of full pay and 100 days of nil pay restored to 100 days of half pay.
  66. Elm Tree Middle School: The grievance case brought against the head and governors for failing to implement the STP&CD provisions on PPA and no-detriment was suspended by the Union when, during an adjournment, the LA wrote to Secretary on behalf of the governors, ignoring the evidence presented and claiming that the school was not in breach of the STP&CD (i.e. before the hearing was even completed.)   Secretary reported to members that the Governors and LA had mishandled the grievance procedures which had failed to investigate and resolve a clear breach of regulations.   A meeting of members therefore voted to request a ballot for industrial action should the head not concede.  The Authority was warned of this possible ballot and the Acting Area Manager achieved in a fortnight the undertakings from the school that PPA would not be reduced, that Guaranteed PPA would be clearly shown on all timetables, and that leadership and management time would not be reduced.   In August, the Union obtained a payment for the member who took the test case, equal to her pay for the one period a week by which she had been reduced.  Concerns remain at the school because there is no management structure plan and the school has begun the new year with 9 new staff, and virtually no coordinators.   No plans were put in place to replace temporary management allowances.  Talks continue.
  67. greenblobSecretary formally complained to LA re. handling of the PPA grievance at Elm Tree Middle School and an investigation was held.  Following the report, a meeting was held to improve communications and procedures, and to share expert information where cases raise issues of conditions of service.  Also undertaken to agree guidance on timings, rules of evidence and on cancellations and adjournments.
  68. Safer Recruitment and Vetting Group met on 8th August.
      SCC is devising training in safe recruitment practices including training for interviewers.  NUT pointed out that, in schools, this was a huge number of heads, governors, senior staff who need "licence to recruit".  Agreed need to establish what exists at the moment and how this can be integrated into existing training.
      The Group is producing a common application form (being trialled by CSD); a common list of questions for interview for posts involving working with children and vulnerable adults and a checklist for requests for references, which will ask for details of "any allegations" made against the applicant.
      Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against teachers and other staff: Secretary concerned about record keeping where there was a false or vexatious complaint.  If all allegations have to be mentioned in references, it was important that any allegation was properly recorded with the conclusion, and reasons for the conclusion.  JS and DM agreed to look at amendments.  MG asked for the final draft to be submitted to the JNC.
  69. Members on Local Government Conditions and Pension Scheme: Circular to Soulbury and LG members re. changes imposed unilaterally to the Suffolk CC scheme for redundancy compensation and early retirement on the grounds of efficiencyFull details sent to Soulbury members.  Retirement will continue to be allowed from age 50 up to 2010 (when the minimum age for any pension benefits apart from ill health becomes 55 for all occupational schemes, by law).  County Council is withdrawing all compensatory added years for redundancy and early retirement, and is reducing the amount of severance payments:

    Imposed Redundancy Compensation Changes – employees in LGPS

    Existing Scheme for those in LGPS

    New Scheme


    Redundancy payment based on actual weeks pay, not statutory maximum of £280 per week

    Redundancy payment based on actual weeks pay, not statutory maximum of £280 per week

    No change

    Award the maximum compensatory lump sum to employees under the age of 50, based on age and service, on sliding scale up to 66 weeks pay (including redundancy pay)

    Award an overall lump sum of 1½ times the redundancy payment to all employees regardless of age (on a sliding scale as at present)

    Worse – smaller redundancy

    Award compensatory added years to the pension of employees aged 50+ with 5+ years service up to a maximum of 2 2/3rd years, with consequential higher lump sum (with option to take as higher pension)

    No award of compensatory added years

    Worse – smaller pension and smaller pension lump sum

    Access to pension and lump sum from age 50

    Access to pension and lump sum from age 50 until 2010

    Delayed worsening, from 2010

    The County Council has intimated that, although these changes do not apply to teachers or the Fire Service, there is an intention to apply the same principles to all SCC employees. 
  70. Calendar of meetings:   Secretary will be abroad Oct 10th-18th.
    27 Sept 06 JNC Teachers' Panel 25 January 2007 Division EC and Council
    9 Oct 06 Extra WAMG meeting 21 February 2007 JNC Teachers' Panel
    10 Oct 06 Extra meeting of Partnership Forum employee's side; Graham attending 28 February 2007 CYPD Staff Forum
    11 Oct 06 Full JNC; Graham attending 7 March 2007 Full JNC
    1 Nov 06 TUs meet with School Organisation Review PDP 15 March 2007 Division EC and AGM
    2 Nov 06 Division EC and Council 20 March 2007 Partnership Board
    8 Nov 06 CYPD Staff Forum 17 May 2007 Division EC and Council
    29 Nov 06 JNC Teachers' Panel 23 May 2007 JNC Teachers' Panel
    1 Dec 06 Partnership Board 13 June 2007 Full JNC
    13 Dec 06 Full JNC 28 June 2007 Division EC and Council
  71. Teacher Representative: Andrew Guite to report.
  72. greenblobTreasurer: Printer: The printer has been repaired at very little cost to the Division.  A part costing under £1 was ordered and installed by a friend of the secretary's who refused payment.  A gift of 2 bottles of wine substituted.
  73. greenblobLiam White provided technical assistance in re-designing the Division's website using Dreamweaver.  Fee of £45.
  74. Conferences: Secretary and Paul Widdowson attended the Education Conference.   Report available from Paul.
    Section D: Local Associations
  75. Annual reports received from Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, SE Suffolk, Sudbury and Waveney & Yoxford Associations.
  76. blue dotAssociations to report on NQ/NA recruitment.

Date of next meeting: November 2nd 2006


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